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remove cold sor with abreva

Abreva cold sore review – The cream made to speed and tackle cold sore. It claims that Abreva cold sore cream is very active and can heal a cold sore in less than three days. The cream contains a non-prescription ingredient approved by the FDA to get rid of a cold sore.

Does Abreva actually work?

Just like thousands of prescriptions out there, the product may not be suitable for some people. However, it does work for most people who purchased the product.

Some people complained it worsen the situation, but this typical complaint only affected a few. Our body system works differently. What works for another person may not be suitable for you.

Does Abreva work after the blister appears?

Yes. Abreva works at any stage of blister appearance. The sore cream’s major function is to help get rid of cold sore a quickly as possible. Once you notice the sab, quickly apply the cream daily for 10 days until the scab falls off.

How long will it take for a cold sore to go away with Abreva?

It depends on the individual body system. It takes anywhere from 4- 10 days for the cold sore to go away. During the application process, Abreva will help reduce pain, burning, itching, or tingling. 

Is Abreva worth the money review?

 It worth the money if it works for you. However, If you are concerned about the cost and worth spending the tag price, check out other cold sore creams that work precisely like Abreva.

Is Abreva available on Amazon or Walmart?

Abreva is currently not available for purchase in Amazon or Walmart. You can buy the product directly from bricks and mortar stores or their website.

Final thought Abreva review

Based on tons of positive reviews we have seen on Amazon, CVSWalgreens, and other pharmaceutical stores, we conclude the product is worth using for your cold sore. 100% approved by the FDA

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