5 Best FDA approved At-Home laser hair removal

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fda at-home-laser-hair-removal

Buying the right hair removal system in the market is becoming difficult because of the growing number of laser hair removal in the market.

Most acclaimed FDA-approved hair removal, including few big brands with an extreme price tag we see in the market, are fluffs and barley works. However, other smaller brands in the market work way better than these brands.

5 Best FDA approved At-Home laser hair removal

In this blog, I will be limited to FDA approved IPL hair removal proven to work based on user reviews and testing proofs we had carried out in our beauty lab.

1. DEESSE IPL: Is the IPL hair removal FDA approved? 

Is Deess IPL hair removal FDA approved? = FDA Cleared

Yes. Deess IPL hair removal is FDA cleared. This is one of the best premium brands you can see in the market. It may not be popular as other brands such as Philips and Remington but works better than them. Deess has different models of hair removal, and all FDA cleared.

Deess hair removal works for all body parts. It’s applicable for small and large body areas. The Gp590 model can be used for multiple treatments such as acne, blackhead, and hair removal.  

However, it’s not a sizable pocket design, only suitable for home use only.

The price of this product goes up to $500. However, you can buy the used one for $299 or less on Amazon. For more information, please read our detailed Deese IPL review.

2. Tria Beauty Laser 4X hair removal approved by FDA

2. Tria Beauty Laser 4X hair removal approved by FDA

Tria laser is another hair removal that stood out from the crowd. This laser hair removal is approved and cleared by the FDA. Tria Beauty is one of the best and powerful hair removals that uses diode laser technology.

This brand works so effectively that many happy users claim it removed nearly 60 percent of their hair in fewer sessions. Though, Tria beauty 4x works well but applicable to small areas of the body.

The reason is that the laser surface is so small that it takes forever to treat the large body part. So if you’re looking for some thing  suitaable for your face, upper lip, bikini, and underarm, Tria beauty is a great choice.

Tria beauty laser comes in 2 distinct models cost ranging from $329 – $495 on Amazon. For more reviews on Tria beauty, click here.

  • Tria laser 4x goes
  • Tria laser precision

3. Homiley IPL hair removal FDA approved 

Homiley IPL hair removal FDA approved 

Unlike other FDA-approved at-home laser hair removal that isn’t much effective, Homiley IPL is medical cleared for home use and specially designed for women. 

It’s clinically proven to work for the Face, upper lip, underarm, arm, legs, bikini, and other parts of the body.

It’s compact and can fit into a small bag. If you’re looking for something small you can toss inside your bag, go for Homiley.

The US-designed IPL goes for $129. Get it for $20 less using a coupon ($20off). If you’re dark-skinned looking for FDA approved laser hair removal for dark skin, try this brand. You can read our detailed Homiley review here.

4. Remington ILIght laser hair removal FDA approved?

Remington has many versions and a popular brand in the market when it comes to IPL devices. Remington is an advance and professional IPL designed to work for most skin types.

Though, it is not advisable for people with dark skin to use it as it may cause skin burn. Consider alternatives like Deese or Homiley hair removal if you have dark hair/skin color.

Here are Remington iLight device in the North American market:

European Market

  • Remington iLight Pro (IPL6250)
  • Remington iLight Essential (IPL6500)
  • Remington iLight Prestige (IPL6750)
  • Remington iLight Prestige 2017 (IPL6780)


MISMON IPL is another exceptional IPL and FDA approved. This brand is made in China but works well. The FDA cleared handset comes with a built-in sensor that helps detect your skin’s suitability to prevent skin burn. 

IPL hair removal is clinically tested and certified through scientific research as safe for consumers. Just like Homiley IPL, It can remove 70-80% of hair in only 9 treatments. It works on various skin colors include people with dark skin tone.

  • It has a long-lasting effect and can deal with stubborn hair for effective results.
  • It doesn’t have side effect like most IPL’s
  • The procedure is painless when compared with traditional treatment
  • You don’t have to worry about skin burn as it has a built-in skin sensor

6. Silk’N Flash & Go

Home Sknivations LTD is behind the brand has been in the business of IPL hair removal long before other companies started shooting off. The Israeli made handset is effective for hair removal and anti-aging.

The product is safe for home use. Silk’n is one of the most recognized IPL brands out there sold worldwide. It’s available both in major online and retail stores. 

The FDA cleared IPL has various models and 

Silk’n has several HPL devices being marketed, depending on the region. Their current list of devices consists of:

  • Silkn Flash&Go Compact, 
  • Silkn Flash&Go Express 
  • Silkn Flash&Go Jewel
  • Silk’n Glide Infinity
  • SensEpil
  • Bellalite

Silk’n at-home hair removal is clinically tested for efficacy and safety for home use. Over a Decade, FDA cleared light-based devices for effective and long-lasting hair removal. Silk’n is not only compact but suitable for traveling.

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