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It has been a well-known trend that, in order to have healthy and glowing skin, you have to use beauty products that are being advertised everywhere. We are led to believe that only by using the products we see on the internet, the television, and in the beauty stores will give us the beautiful skin we desire to have.

All of us want to have beautiful skin, just like the ones that can be seen on the television and models. We have invested a lot of money on cosmetics, chemicals that have the ability to ruin our skin. Most of these said cosmetics are ridiculously overpriced, making it attainable only by rich people. That is the reason why we started believing that beauty is only for those who can afford it.

But the truth is, it is very easy to achieve the glowing skin you want. You do not have to spend so much money on expensive products. The easiest way to beautiful skin can be found in the most common plants, and some can already be planted in your own backyard.

Most of these said beauty secrets are already well-known in the world of cosmetics. You can use aloe vera, mint leaves, which can be used directly to your skin. But there are some herbs that will surely surprise you and will be an amazing addition to your daily skincare routine.

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This article will give you the best herbs that can be used for your daily skincare that can be found in your own garden. 


CINNAMON for skin care

Cinnamon is well known for bringing spice and flavor to different types of food. But it can also be used as a skincare secret. Here are the benefits of Cinnamon to your skin:

  •  Heals Acne

Cinnamon has antioxidant properties that can fight dirt from lingering in your face. It can be useful to aid blemishes and dry out acne. 

If you are having a breakout, you can use cinnamon powder and apply it in your face to help it dry out. It can also help stabilize the blood flow to the skin.

To create the mixture, add honey to cinnamon powder and apply the paste you have created on your damp skin. You can apply a thinner layer to your face, wear it as a facemask, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse. Since cinnamon masks tend to irritate the skin, make sure to use it only once a week.


  •  Moisturizes The Skin

Since Cinnamon is known to improve blood flow to the skin, it will help in moisturizing your skin. You can mix a few drops of cinnamon oil to petroleum jelly and apply it regularly to your skin. 

You can also use it to aid burns, rashes, and scratches on your skin to help aid the irritation. You can also use this mixture as a moisturizer for your lips.


  •  Treats Dry Skin

Cinnamon can also be used as an aid for dry skin. It can remove dead skin cells and bring back the soft, smooth skin you have. 

You can create a scrub by mixing salt, essential oils, honey, and cinnamon powder. Apply it directly to the dry part of your skin and feel immediate comfort and relaxation it can give you.


Besides being an excellent addition to any dish, garlic can also be good for your skin and face. Here are the things you need to know about garlic and its properties when it comes to skincare:


  •  Reduces Acne

Garlic is a very effective antioxidant; it also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Acne is caused by dirt and bacteria and may result in clogged pores and other infections. 

Garlic can be used to prevent outbreaks from happening and cleanse your skin thoroughly. To use it, you can eat a clove of garlic every day and make sure to keep yourself hydrated for better results.


  •  Delays Aging

When you are experiencing stress, your skin may experience aging. Garlic helps the skin from aging because it has S-allyl Cysteine properties that can aid with that. 

The antioxidants present in the garlic can eliminate the oxygen radicals and then reduce stress in the long run. It can also protect your skin from UV damage and wrinkles. You can eat one clove of garlic in the morning mixed with honey or lemon so that it will be easier to intake.



Drinking chamomile tea can do a lot for your skin as well. You can enjoy the relaxation it brings you as it helps repair the damage in your skin. Here are the benefits of chamomile to your skin:

  •  Lightens Skin

Regularly drinking chamomile tea can help relax and moisturize your skin. It can lighten your skin and give you the beautiful glow you always wanted to have. It provides the same benefits as bleach, except that it is entirely natural.

  •  Reduces Acne

Aside from giving you the glow you want, chamomile can also provide clear skin and prevent acne breakouts. Chamomile tea can help fade black spots, scars, and the frequent dryness and itch you feel in your skin and face.

  •  Anti-Aging

Chamomile is a good source of antioxidants, making it a powerful protector of the skin from irritation and other damages. It helps tighten the pores, which will lead to a slower aging process for the skin.

  •  Treats Sunburn

Sometimes, the skin can be irritated and damaged by the sun; this may cause many skin problems and can be very harmful. Chamomile helps treat those irritations and almost immediately soothe the skin. You can brew the chamomile tea, soak a towel in it, and gently apply to the burnt area.


Like all other herbs in this list, turmeric is also one of the herbs with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This can provide the skin with a natural glow and smoothness. It can also moisturize dry and irritated skin.

Here are some of the components of turmeric:

  •  Heals Wounds

A component found in turmeric can help heal wounds by lessening the inflammation in the skin. It can also lower the body’s response to wounds caused by cuts, leading to faster healing for the injuries. Turmeric has a positive effect on the skin’s tissue, making it perfect for aiding wounds.

  •  Helps with Acne Scarring

It is also recommended to use the Turmeric Powder as a mask. It is proven that turmeric can help in reducing scars caused by acne breakouts. It can also prevent the acne itself from building up. The combination of less acne and reduced acne scars will lead to more beautiful skin that you will appreciate greatly.


Parsley is an excellent addition to every dish, but did you know that there are many benefits and uses for Parsley that can surely help take care of your skin.

Here are some of the different uses of Parsley:

  •  Acne Facial

If you have problems with oil, acne, and even acne spots on your face, this treatment will help you. You can mix Parsley with apple cider vinegar and honey, and then use the mixture as a mask and leave it on your face for several minutes. You can use it daily or a few times per week for better results.

  •  Toner

Parsley can also be useful as a toner and can work best to moisturize your skin. You can create a homemade toner by boiling the Parsley, add a bit of witch hazel, and leave it overnight. The toner can be excellent for keeping your skin clean and moisturized, lessening the signs of aging and dark spots around your eyes.

  •  Oil Mask

If you are having trouble with oily skin, you can use Parsley as an oil mask as well. This treatment will help balance the oil production of your skin. 

To create an oil mask using Parsley, you have to boil parsley sprigs, put a teaspoon of white vinegar, and use a towel to soak in the mixture and place it in your face a few minutes. 

This treatment will sure open your pores and clean your face thoroughly, taking out all the extensive oils beneath the surface. You can use a moisturizer after rinsing so that you will have the best results.


There are a lot of expensive beauty products out there, but if you are looking for a more cost-effective way of taking care of your skin, you can use all the herbs listed in this article.

Herbs and spices can be as effective as any cosmetic brand, and you will also benefit from an organic and all-natural product.

It is crucial to know that your skin and face are well taken care of. With an all-natural ingredient, you can make sure that there will be no risk of irritation and other side effects than a beauty product with chemical content.

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