13 Best permanent Hair Removal Creams that works

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Are you looking for permanent hair removal creams to get rid of your hair? Over the decade, unwanted hair growth has become one of the challenges people face.

Recently, medical scientists have come up with some creams to eliminate unwanted hair growth in the body.  

These creams include Vaniqa, Nad’s hair removal cream, Veet 3-in-1 Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream, Nair Hair Removal, etc. 


Does Hair Removal Cream Works?

The use of hair removal cream has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to remove unwanted hair. 

It gives an instant result but may get the skin burn at the bikini region or the armpit, and new improvement has been made recently on using the IPL device

The At-home IPL hair removal device is safe, pain-free, and can be used to comfort your home.  

13 Best Permanent Hair Removal Cream

In this article, we are going to point out those effective and safe hair removal creams.

However, some medical professionals have developed some unwanted hair removal creams that are effective and contain low chemical properties. Lets look at them;

1. Vaniqa hair removal cream

Vaniqa hair removal cream

If you are looking for the best alternative to waxing or can’t stand shaving your legs every day, Vaniqa hair removal cream can help you.

Vaniqa is a topical cream used for removing unwanted hair. 

It is medically described to be safe for unwanted hair treatment. 

Most people only know Vaniqa for facial hair treatment. 

Meanwhile, Vaniqa has been medically prescribed for all parts of the body with unwanted hair growth. 

The dermatologist has advised people to use Vaniqa used appropriately to avoid adverse effects. Vaniqa can suit all skin types, though there is a slight chance of minor skin irritation for first-time users.


  • The cream must be used continuously.
  • Apply a drop of Vaniqa cream to the unwanted hair area of the skin twice a week.
  • Allow it to work for about 1 hour.
  • Then wash off with cold water, wait at least five minutes before applying any topical cream.

 Side effect;

Vaniqa does not destroy unwanted Hair permanently. Instead, it decreases the rate of new hair regrowth. 

Unfortunately, once you discontinued, the hair growth cycle becomes excess.

The only permanent method of hair removal is the IPL device. The device interferes with the Hair follicles under the skin and prevents hair growth.

2. Nad’s permanent hair removal cream

Buy Nad's Hair Removal Cream - - Sensitive Depilatory Cream For men and women

The Nad’s hair removal cream is a gentle, potent cream used even on sensitive skin regions like the bikini line.

It is not painful, and it removes hair in 5 minutes, but it also treats body odor and provides the skin a pleasant fragrance. 

It is formulated with natural herbal ingredients that are very good for skin treatment. 

The permanent hair removal cream is produced with natural ingredients such as honey, melon, aloe vera, avocado oil, etc. To hydrate and nourish the skin.


  • Apply the cream to your unwanted hair growth area.
  • Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes, then wash off.
  • After, rinse the skin with a mild shower gel.


Note: When treating your unwanted Hair with Nads cream, there are some areas of the skin you may have to allow the cream to work in for about 30-40 minutes due to the thickness of the Hair.


Side effect;

It may result in severe skin burns if they exceed the prescribed time.

The cream is greasy on the skin.

3. Sensitive skin Veet 3-in-1 Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream

Sensitive skin Veet 3-in-1 Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream

It is a specially formulated 3-in-1 Veet for people with sensitive skin and the delicate region of the body. 

Just like nads hair removal cream, it eliminates unwanted Hair with immediate effects.


If you have sensitive skin or are worried about removing Hair from your delicate body part, the 3-in-1 Veet hair removal creams will not get your skin irritated. 


The dermatologist has tested and approved this ultra-gentle option from Veet for sensitive skin. 

It is produced with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize the skin. 


They are specifically designed to relieve women of shaving unwanted hair. It is effective at pulling out the shortest strand of Hair and instantly exfoliated skin.

Treatment method of veet permanent hair removal cream

  • Apply veet on the treated area of the skin.
  • Leave for at least 30minutes and then wipe the Hair off.
  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water.
  • And apply your moisturizer.


Side effect;

It may cause burns and rashes after a while of usage, Hair grows back quickly, and frequent use of it makes the skin sensitive. It has a strong fragrance that might irritate the skin.

4. Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray.

Skin Doctors Hair No More Inhibitor Spray

It is an active hair removal cream that eliminates unwanted hair growth.

It is a unique permanent hair removal cream that has been designed to prevent unwanted Hair from growing.

The spray can prevent unwanted hair for a month at a time with continuous use. 

It withheld hair strands and pull out from the root.

It drains away nutrients from the unwanted nutrients and weakens the cuticle to get rid of the hair adequately.


The cream is Formulated with strong natural herb and plant extracts, making it significantly effective and working like the IPL device in destroying the hair follicle. 

It nourishes and calms the skin after hair removal treatments.



  • Spray the unwanted hair area and massage the liquid into the skin.
  • Massage until it is smooth on the skin.
  • Allow for 30-40 minutes, then wash off.
  •  Maintain its effects by using 3-6 times a week.


Side effect;

  • It is time-consuming and feels greasy on the skin.
  • The process is painful, and you have to do a proper massage to enable the cream to dissolve into the hair root and uproot it. 
  • It causes redness and bruises.

5. Nair Hair Removal Lotion with Aloe and Lanolin

Nair Hair Removal Lotion

The Nair cream is produced with aloe and lanolin to make your skin feel soft and silky after usage. 

The product is dermatologist-tested and approved safe to get rid of Unwanted Hair from all body parts, except the delicate area like the eyes and genitals.


  • Apply the permanent hair removal cream and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your hair thickness or coarse nature.
  • Then wipe it off and wash your skin with lukewarm water.
  • Then, apply your moisturizer or body lotions.

Side effects

  • It is time-consuming and not active enough to remove hair permanently.
  • You may spend more money on the cream without achieving any satisfying result.
  • You may experience skin irritations if you exceed 10munites of application.


6. Olay Hair Removal Cream Duo Medium to Coarse Hair 1 Kit

Olay Hair Removal Cream Duo Medium to Coarse Hair Kit

This is another unique hair removal cream made from natural ingredients. 

It is specially designed for people with coarse unwanted hair growth. It targets coarse unwanted Hair and diminishes it while soothing the skin.


Before using Olay permanent hair removal Cream Duo Medium to Coarse Hair 1 Kit, Read the directions and warnings on the instruction note carefully to avoid adverse effects.


  • Apply the cream on your unwanted hair area of the skin.
  • And allow for 4-8minutes, then wipe and wash the Skin lukewarm water to avoid itching.
  • For thick or coarse hair, do not exceed 10minutes.
  • Then wait for 5minutes before apply any body lotion to avoid irritation.

Side effects;


You need to Conduct a 48-hour skin reaction test before using the cream because it causes allergic reactions and irritations.

Do not exceed 10 minutes, and it might result in severe skin burn. It can dry the skin out and lead to flaking, do not use it frequently.

7. Neud Natural Inhibitor and Permanent Hair removal cream

Neud Natural Inhibitor

This is a painless method of getting rid of unwanted body hair, which both men and women can use. 

Neud gives you permanent freedom from frequent unwanted hair removal; formulated with natural ingredients and plant herbs, Neud is safe for all skin types. 


Neud will relieve you of the pain of periodic hair removals through waxing, shaving, or the use of other high chemical bases permanent hair removal creams. 


It penetrates the hair follicles sac and obstructs new growth unwanted body hair; within 10-12 weeks, Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor sets you free from unwanted hair removal troubles.

It penetrates to the level of the hair follicle sac and restricts the growth of unwanted body hair in just weeks.

Natural Hair Inhibitor is an effective way of stopping the growth of unwanted hair on any part of the body.


Treatment method of Neud permanent hair removal cream;

  • Firstly, remove hair using any traditional method like waxing or shaving.
  • It opens the skin pores and allows Neud to penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Then apply a sufficient quantity of Neud to the treatment area.
  • Massage gently like a moisturizer until it gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Repeat the treatment 8- 12 times a month to get the desire results.


Side effect ;

  • It does not give instant results, and you have to repeat the for 8-12weeks to see the result.
  •  Results are not guaranteed until you apply the cream consistently.
  • It only works when it is applied after hair removal by waxing or shaving.

8. Securteen Natural Permanent hair removal cream

Securteen Natural

Securteen is a Natural Hair Inhibitor that works incredibly by eliminating unwanted hair from the most susceptible area of the skin. 

It targets the hair follicle pores and uproot them and keep the skin smooth.


The permanent hair removal cream sinks into the opened pores and reduces hair growth by inhibiting the activity of hair follicle cells.


Securteen slows down the formation of new hair at the root level and then reduces the density and thickness of hair.


It gently stops hair growth by naturally making them weaker, thinner and results in soft, silky, and smoother skin for a longer period.

After using Securteen for 3-4times hair removal treatment sessions, you will start noticing the results with the reduced hair growth.


Treatment method of Neud permanent hair removal cream;

  • Remove Hairs by shaving or any traditional method.
  •  After that, apply the Securteen Hair Inhibitor over cream on your skin to restrict hair regrowth.
  • Apply the cream with your fingertips over freshly clean skin and massage it till it is absorbed. For good results, repeat four times a week regularly.
  • Use twice daily after each hair removal session of treatment.

Side effect;

  • The most common side effect you will notice with Securteen is that body hair grows back quickly.
  • It causes burns and redness, and hair grows back quickly; it does not stop hair regrowth.

9. Glamador Premium Effective permanent hair removal Cream kit for women

Glamador Premium Effective cream

It is one of the permanent hair removal creams that are chemical depilatories, and it uses an active chemical ingredient to dissolve the hair root.

This mechanical action of removing unwanted hair using permanent hair removal cream facilitates hair treatment. 

The treatment uses a spatula or sponge to pull away from the withered hair strands from the skin’s surface. 

It gives an instant result as quick as 5minutes. 

This fast permanent hair removal cream is easy to apply and effectively eliminates unwanted hair growth on the face & body.

Treatment method of permanent hair removal cream;

  • Apply the permanent hair removal cream using your hand, smooth the cream over the area to be treated in a thick and even layer.
  • Ensure to cover the hair adequately with the cream for the best results, completely cover hair with a thick and even layer of cream. The permanent hair removal cream will dissolve the hair follicles below the skin surface.
  • Wait for about 5 to 8 minutes, leaving the cream on the skin.
  • Wipe the dissolved hair away using a soft cloth or plastic scraper for hair removal.
  • Rinse the treated area properly with luke-water and pat dry.

Side effect;

  • It is chemically made and can make the skin more sensitive
  • It removes hair instantly, but hair may grow back quickly.
  • If it is not gently wiped, it can peel the skin.

10. Nature Nation permanent hair removal Spray Foam

Buy Hair Removal Spray Foam- Nature Nation Hair Removal Cream - Newest Formula with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E - Effective & Painless Depilatory Cream for Women & Men Online in UAE. B08GJ8BGKM

This spray foam is a unique option from Nature Nation to removes unwanted facial hair from the roots. The Hair Growth Inhibitor Made with natural ingredients and botanical extracts.


Which works effectively to inhibit and reduce unwanted hair regrowth, and any hair that grows back will be lighter and thinner.


The Hair Growth Inhibitor factor penetrates deep into the hair follicle to dissolve it, painless detachment of hair with restored pores.

It is a cruelty-free permanent hair removal cream that works in just eight minutes to remove unwanted hair, and it is made with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe skin. And it’s safe to use in all areas of the skin.

It works for all body parts, depending on the nature and density of hair on the body.


Treatment method of Nature nation permanent hair removal cream;

  • You have to remove hair first before applying the cream.
  • Apply the hair removal cream to wet skin and wait for it to become dry.
  • Use it once daily, and results will be visible in 30 days.


Side effects;

  • It makes the skin more sensitive.
  • The results are not permanent, and hair grows back quickly.
  • If not wash off properly, it may cause rashes.

11. Completely Bare Go Fuzz Free Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor

Completely Bare Go Fuzz Free Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor | Ulta Beauty

It is a permanent hair removal cream that eliminates unwanted hair while refreshing the skin.  

It helps decrease new hair growth rates and weaken the hair follicles. It has Vitamin E to fights free radicals diminishing unwanted hair.

Treatment method of Go Fuzz Free permanent hair removal cream;

  • Apply the cream after cleaning the treatment area of the body.
  • Massage it correctly using your fingertips.
  • Allowing it to sit on the skin for 5-8minutes, then wipe off and wash.

Side effects;

  • It is greasy on the skin, and hair tends to grow backs quickly.
  • If it exceeds the application time, it can cause discoloration.

12. Venus Visage Permanent hair removal cream

Buy Venus Visage Hair Growth Inhibitor, Hair Stop Growth,Non-Irritating&Painless Hair Inhibitor for Face and Body Online at Low Prices in India -

The Venus Visage hair inhibitor can inhibit hair growth and effectively destroy the unwanted hair root. It is made of natural ingredients, which makes it safe, effective.


The Venus Visage permanent hair removal cream penetrates deep into the hair follicle and damaging it. It detaches hair strands and uproots them.

It works according to the density of hair on the body.


Venus Visage reduces hair growth effectively. It is made from natural ingredients like plant extracts and neutralizes chemicals.

With consistent use, the active permanent hair removal cream considerably reduces and delays the growth of new hair.

Treatment method of venus visage permanent hair removal cream;

  • It should be used once a day on wet hair for easy penetration of the hair root.
  • Allow it to work for 5 -10minutes.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth or hand to avoid damaging the skin.
  • Do not use the hair removal cream if your skin is inflamed or shaved with a razor in the past three days.

Side effect;

  • It makes the skin more sensitive to damages and has chemical properties.
  • It has a strong fragrance that can irritate the skin.
  • It is hazardous to the eyes; please immediately wash with water.
  • Ensure to do a patch test in a small area like the ankle first. 
  • If it causes any uncomfortable sensitivity, stop using immediately.
  • You are advised to use the Homiley Beauty Rose IPL to remove unwanted hair without causing any skin irritations permanently.


13. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Buy Neomen Hair Remover - Hair Removal Cream - Super Gentle & Safe Depilatory Cream - Skin Friendly Painless Flawless Non-Irritating Hair Remover Cream For Men Online in UAE. B08D71RFWH

The Neon Hair Removal Cream is specially made for people with dry skin. It gets rid of unwanted hair and hydrates the skin during that process.  


The fast-action cream contains natural ingredients like papaya, aloe vera, vitamin E, baby oil, etc. They work in conjunction to calm and moisturize the skin as it eliminates unwanted Hair. 


The addition of aloe vera and vitamin E boost its moisturizing efficacy.

Is there any cream for permanent hair removal?

Vaniqa is very active and formulated with 100% natural ingredients and, hence, safe for most skin types.  

It may not remove Hair permanently, but using a Homily IPL device eliminates unwanted hair permanently with natural effects.

What is the most permanent form of hair removal?

The IPL hair removal device is the most effective and permanent way to remove unwanted hair. It has no side effects, and the IPL (intense pulsed light) is easy to use.

Is it better to shave or use hair removal cream on pubic Hair?

It is better to shave your pubic hair using the Rechargeable women electric shaver than hair removal cream. 

Hair removal cream will irritate your genitals and cause sensitive reactions due to the cream’s assertive nature. 

Hair removal creams are mostly chemical made, Unlike the women shaver that is gentle on the skin.

What is the safest way to remove Hair?

They use IPL devices like Homiley Beauty rose handset to eliminate unwanted hair without hurting the skin. It is medically approved; it suits most hair types. 

Many beauty experts choose it for its effectiveness and lasting results over hair removal creams that might burn the skin or cause other skin reactions.


Rose skin Beauty

What is the most painless way to remove Hair?

Beauty Rose IPL Hair Removal

Shaving is old-fashioned and may not kill unwanted hair follicles. 

Therefore IPL device has become the safest way of removing unwanted hair. 

The IPL device is generally considered a pain-free hair removal method; 

it involves using its light effects to kill the hair follicle without hurting the skin and preventing hair regrowth.

Final words on Permanent Hair Removal Creams

There are an excessive amount of options to choose from when it comes to unwanted hair removal creams.  

But they are chemically made, Though, they give instant result s, but can cause severe damages to our skin. 

Their effect is not permanent, and the hair grows back quickly. 

However, you may use the Homiley Beauty rose IPL device to get a pain-free treatment with a permanent result.

Does IPL hair removal work instantly?


Though people with lighter hair tend to see results quicker than someone with thick hair, people with thick or coarse hair may take a little longer to see results. 


In some cases, it takes up to 3months before the Results will be visible. The delay occurs due to the IPL light gradual process of penetrating the dermal to kill the hair follicle to prevent hair regrowth.


However, If you are treating coarse hair, you will need to exercise patience for the hair to fall off while you continue treatment sessions until you achieve the desired result. 


This act may create doubt in some people who are not patient enough and expecting an instant result, and you may interrupt the treatment. 

This process typically takes about two weeks to works for people with light hair and takes up to 3months for people with thick hair to starts seeing results. 


Does the IPL Treatment Work for All Skin?

Does the IPL Treatment Work for All Skin?

The IPL treatment varies for individual skin, hair, and, most of all, consistency. 

The hair follicles can destroy fast through continual treatment. 

When you start shedding off hair, use a washcloth to remove at bath or shower gently, and you are advised not to pluck or wax the treatment area and let it fall out naturally.

You will see permanent results after month three if you are patient enough. 

Impatient ones may be disappointed if they see little or no result after a couple of months. However, if you stick a little longer, you will start to notice that a lot of your body hair is falling off. 

With Homiley Beauty rose IPL, shaving unwanted body hair has become the thing of the past, all thanks to an At-home IPL hair removal device that kill the hair follicles and gives you smooth, fresh skin.

What is the Best IPL for Fair & Brown Skin?

Rose skin Beauty

Beauty Rose IPL is best suited for people with fair skin and brown hair.

To be honest, who doesn’t want to be hair-free? Waking up in the mornings and knowing you can fling on a cute summer dress and not having to worry about shaving? 


Or that annoying moment when you realize you’ve left the house without seeing to your underarms, and you’re wearing a strappy top.


This device is one of the quickest hair removal devices, and it has been in the market for a few years now and is by far the leading IPL you can count on. 

I’ve been using this product for over a year now. This model works very well and is very affordable for most budget levels. 

Beauty Rose IPL is best suited for people with fair skin and brown hair. This device is one of the quickest hair removal devices in the market.

Does ipl hair removal improve skin texture?

IPL is the acronym for intense pulsed light. It has a plethora of benefits and can be used in many different ways. 

It is used most commonly as a hair removal tool and to remove spider veins. It improves skin texture and pigmentation, helps reduce acne, and even removes some of the signs of sun damage.

Can IPL remove hair permanently than cream?

The IPL treatments will permanently remove and reduce the total number of body hair than cream.

And If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for unwanted body hair removal, then Homiley IPL At-home hair removal could be a perfect solution for you.

Are IPL results permanent than hair removal cream?

The IPL produces a long-lasting result than hair removal cream and makes the skin look better, free of unwanted hair regrowth for an extended period.   

This treatment cannot stop future aging hair regrowth. 

What happens if I don’t shave before IPL?

You might get your skin burnt or damage your IPL. If you use Beauty rose ipl or any other suitable IPL devices while you still have hair on your skin, the light from your ipl may burn the hair, and this can result in an unpleasant smell and may damage your IPL.

Should I use IPL or Cream for pubic hair?

Though the IPL is not suitable for intimate areas, it is safe to use on the bikini line. However, it’s acceptable to us permanent hair removal cream in this region.

The IPL can not be eligible for the genital area where the skin may have a darker color and a greater hair density, which would absorb more light energy and cause discomfort and bruises.


How to use IPL laser hair removal

  • Shave your hair and dry your skin. 
  • Sterilize your IPL using a medical alcohol wipe to clean the flash window and edges. 
  • Plugin the device, the power button starts to flash, showing it in the standby mode. ( The power button is the Flash green light.) 
  • Press the “OFF/ON” button to start the device; after starting the device, click “OFF/ON” to adjust the energy level. The device has five energy levels, from 1 to 5. ( Blue intensity light is on) 
  • Place Flash Window vertically and firmly on your skin where you want to remove; press the Flash button.

Conclusion on Does IPL removal hair works instantly? 

From the above article, I hope I have enlightened you on how IPL unwanted hair removal works. 

And how it varies base on the individual and how it works faster for certain hair and skin types and may take longer for those with coarse hair to see the result. 

Therefore, consistency and patience will ensure a desirable outcome when using Beauty rose IPL to treat thick hair.

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