22 Best Lovely Spooky Nails Art – Acrylic, Halloween For Winter, Summer, Fall

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20 best spooky nails you will love

Are you looking for some cute spooky nails to celebrate the spooky season? Or do you need some spooky nail ideas for Halloween?! Check out these stunning nail designs, totally awesome you’ll definitely want to copy!

1. Sweet pumpkin Spooky nails

Take a look at how great these Halloween nail designs are, decorated with three mild colors to suit any dresses you choose to wear on that day. However, you can choose these colorful nails for other celebrations because they actually beautify your outfits. They are designed with pink, orange, and black paint.


glassy ballerina nails

2. Glassy Ballerina nails

These glassy ballerina nails are simple but classy, sweet, and cute🥰🥰. As a nails lover, one can easily fall in love with these cute glassy nails. The sweetest part is, they are definitely going to look gorgeous in every dress. They are designed with neud and colorless-glassy white paint.



3. Monster Princess Sooky nails

These long spooky nails are cool for special celebrations like Gala, Halloween, etc. It is also very good for horror movie makeup and has been popular recently being a fantastic horror-themed game called Squid. It can also go very well with beautiful Black and white dresses. They are polished with white, grey, and black paint.


Flora Spooky nails

4. Flora Spooky nails

These long spooky flora nails are gorgeous and very attractive. They make your fingers look adorable, beautiful and they even tone your skin. They will look amazing on any outfit. They are polished with gold, light purple, and black paint.

5. Long coffin green shimmering nails.

These long coffin nail vogue will look amazing on green, black, and yellow dresses. the nail is polished with a  gel polish 088 Kif, aurora pigment set- 6 colors, and it has a Luxe gloss topcoat. Green is always unique when it comes to fashion.


Wildflower spooky nail

6. Wildflower spooky nails

These wildflower spooky nails are gorgeous with natural nail length, this makes it more beautiful and casual. it has light pink, leafy green, and sparking-clear polish.

These average nails look amazing The nail is polished with a  gel polish 088 Kif, aurora pigment set- 6 colors, and it has a Luxe gloss topcoat. Green is always unique when it comes to fashion.



purple star-bat Halloween nail

7. purple star-bat Halloween nails

These long purple star acrylic sculptured Halloween nails are beautiful and would make your dressing colorful.  the nails are polished and designed with purple Black Frosting gel paint.



Spooky ghost nail

8. Spooky Ghost Nail

The spooky ghost nail is quite fascinating, it will be fun to rock on your outing and of course, you will love the idea of appearing unique and elegant in your style. Simple white and black polish paint.



Spooky sparkling Halloween nail

9. Spooky sparkling Halloween nail

Spooky sparkling Halloween nails are very cute and would define your fashion style in an elegant way. it can also be a great design for a Christmas celebration. They are designed with black, purple, and white paint.



Jallowin Boo nail

10. Jallowin Boo nail

This is the great idea thing about Halloween nails is that they run the gamut from gory to beauty to witchy to downright cutesy like this manicure is done at the Beach, imagine the natural flow of this scary but cute nail. it is designed with orange, whity-dot, and black ground paint.



Green glitter nail

11. Green glitter nail

This gorgeous nail will definitely tone your fingers and make you appear glitter as long you continue wearing them on. All eyes gonna be gaze and fixed at your all cute up with beautiful light pink, a clear white, and shiny green nail polish.



Rose drip nail


12. Rose drip Spooky nail

These rose drip long nails are for those who need something outstanding and classy. if you want something that will make you stand out unique in the midst of beautiful ladies, opt for a basic manicure with an accent nail like this one.

That shiny silver-coated black makes it all bloomy. It is decorated with red, black, green, and shiny silver paint.




13. Glossy pink nails

These nails design looks simple and cute. Not all Halloween nail designs need to be ghoulish and weird, this pretty apple nail proves it and Gives it a simple spooky nail shape by using a white sparkling surface shade like the is polished with light glossy pink and sparkly clear white paint.




14. spooky skull nails

Though, you’ve seen plenty of iterations of this spooky featuring tiny skull details. brings an original Halloween twist to the look with white skulls. The black and purple background nails are designed with white paint.



 Bubblegum Bloody ghost

15. Bubblegum Bloody ghost

How scary and cute this horror movie-inspired manicure looks! The detail work on each of the faces is hand-painted. And for the blood spatter, straw was used and a little polish on the end to get the splattered effect. it was a bit messy, but definitely worth it. Using Bubblegum Pink, French White, Happy Days brush, and Black paint for the beautiful decoration.



Simple spooky blood-drip nails


16. Simple spooky blood-drip nails

These are Some simple spooky nails for people who want quick and easy design. It is casual and beautiful. It is polished with ash, red, and black shiny paint.


17. Spooky bat-legs nails

These are Some simple black eyeliner-shaded spooky nails for people who want quick and easy-classy long nail design. It is casual and even tones your skin. It is polished with black shaded eyeliner paint.


Screaming tiny ghost Halloween nails

18. Screaming tiny ghost Halloween nails

These long nails are cute coupled with the cool colors of paint, that could actually fit in any outfit you put on. These fantastic nails are designed with a golden gel, rose-red gel,  cream, white, black, beige nail polish.



Spooky Murder nails

19. Spooky Murder nails

The Shining spooky nails may inspire you with the blood drip and the white background makes it all glamourous. Though the write-up on the nails looks scary and seems real to be blood dripping on the surface, it’s Halloween art. It is just designed with simple white and red paint.




Spooky butterfly nails

20. Spooky butterfly nails

Spooky butterfly nails are just gorgeous simple. this style could be a great idea for ladies who love short simple nails, it looks like polishing your natural nails. Decorated with white, black, and cute little butterfly purple paint.



21. White glowing-in ghost Nails

However, this glowing ghost and the pumpkin are actually cuter than a scary look. You could find some fun in getting a glowing ghost nail is a decoration of non-shiny orange,  yellow, black, white, and brownish nail polish.


22. Dotted black and pink mushroom nails

Here is another spooky manicure cute design, it features pink, cream, black and white matte polish, which is used to create some contrast between the nails.

For the sky design, she used a sponge to get the creepy faded look, and for the cobweb, she used a long-haired brush and careful handiwork.

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