Bosidin hair removal reviews – $300 leftover

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bosidin hair removal device

Over the years, I have used multiple IPl, and Bosidin hair removal is one of my latest moves. The reason why I bought this device is because of the blackhead functionality. 

Why I switched to Bisidin hair removal

Last year my sister came to my place on vacation; at a time, I was using Homiley hair removal. While she was going back home, I gave her my IPL hair removal, hoping to get a new one. 

Homiley laser was so good and worked really well for me. So unfortunate, the company ran out of stock for weeks when I wanted to make another purchase.

I don’t want to waste money going to a clinic for laser treatment. I like that I could easily do the treatment at home and pain-free after the beautiful experience I had with Homiley.

So I decide to buy a Bosidin hair removal device based on the reviews I saw on youtube.  

Bosidin hair removal reviews

Bosidin Review: Does it work?


I purchased Bosidin from amazon for $300. I started my treatment immediately after receiving the product because I had to continue the treatment from where I left it, hopefully, to be hair-free after few sessions. However, I did not see a result after 2months of treatment.

It’s kind of difficult to explain if this product works because I had experienced so many issues while using it at a time.

I know the product had worked for many people, but many reviews about its electrical faults made me not to continue any longer.

I don’t like the complexity of the IPL because it comes with other complex problems. That is why I love Homiley hair removal; it’s a simple design that works and durable.

While I was using my previous hair removal (Homiley), I noticed I don’t razor-shave often like before. 

Usually, I do shaving every two days, but I can go a week without shaving after two months in use.

is bosidin safe

Is bosidin safe

Bosidin hair removal device is a fantastic product, but it comes with other issues like electrical faults. 

Sometimes the product doesn’t work correctly. Bosidin may be clinically safe for use but not electrically safe. 

Does Bosidin blackhead removal work?

Bosidin doesn’t work actively as blackhead removal devices. One of the best IPl devices that are good for blackhead removal is Deess Gp590. This brand is excellent for blackheads.

Pros and Cons of Bosidin hair removal device

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Bosidin hair removal and why you should or shouldn’t buy it.


  • The removal itself feels well-made
  • The product is very good to use 
  • It’s very delicate packaging 
  • easy to hold and use it. 
  • Very easy to maneuver around the face
  • Best for small areas like lip and underarms


  • It does take time for a large area
  • You cannot take along with you in a small bag
  • Directions seemed a bit confusing
  • Associated with some electrical faults
  • It comes with moving parts susceptible to break when it falls

Finally, on Bosidin hair removal reviews.

Bosidin hair removal device on its own is a great product but a little bit pricey for most people. If you’re looking for an affordable, handy, and simple hair removal device that works, try Homiley.

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