Can laser hair removal cause skin cancer?

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No. Laser hair removal does not cause skin cancer. The device is sometimes used for some forms of precancerous signs in the skin. 

However, laser hair removal uses light energy to target the unwanted hair root effectively. 

The wavelengths used to destroy the hair follicles have a longer wavelength and are low heat energy, so there is no risk that they would cause skin cancer.


In order to have a clear understanding of how laser hair removal works, let’s take a moment to talk about it before we proceed.


What is Laser hair removal? 

A laser can be described as a beam light that is focused in one direction.

In other words, lasers used for hair removal are made up of specific wavelengths of light from the infrared range to target the hair root. 

The light is attracted to the natural pigment melanin found at the root of each hair follicle.

Then, when the laser is focused on the derma, it gets absorbed by the pigment inside the hair, causing it to heat up. Thereby destroying the hair follicles; this act would stop new hair growth.


However, there is a different category of lasers, and some are used to treat sun damage and wrinkles, While the other is used for hair removal. 

The laser used for the hair removal procedure has minimal radiation, exacted on the skin’s surface. Therefore it does not expose the skin to the risk of cancer.


Laser Treatment and Skin Cancer 

Laser Treatment and Skin Cancer 

One of the essential factors to consider when choosing to go for laser hair removal treatments is the level of light concentration which could increase the risk of developing skin cancer.


Skin cancer often occurs due to too much exposure to certain high light levels in the UV range. 

When People are exposed to UV in sunlight and some high artificial light sources, such as tanning beds, etc., have a high energy wavelength beyond the human range of vision and could be dangerous to the skin.


These lights are so powerful that they can damage the genetic material inside of our cells.


If a part of the DNA is damaged during over-high heat laser hair removal treatments or exposure to UV rays, it can cause skin cancer. 

This varies, though, and some may develop skin cancer sooner than late, while others may occur as early signs of aging.


What are the Side effect of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatment could be very safe when a professional physician performs it at a clinic. 

Although there is no medical study that shows laser treatment has cancerous risk. 


There are just a few risks that you should know before taking a laser hair removal procedure; they include Pigmentation, Blisters and crusting, Eye injury, and Redness and irritation.


1. Pigmentation;

After your laser treatment, you may notice some slightly lighter or darker skin spots.

If you are a light-skinned person, you are more likely to experience dark spots, but you are likely to have light or brown spots if you have dark skin. 

However, these changes are temporary, just like skin irritation and redness.


2. Redness and irritation;


Laser hair removal treatment works by damaging the follicles of the targeted unwanted hair strands. 

This can cause temporary skin redness and irritations. You may also notice slight swelling in the treated area. 

These effects are minor and can be experienced through waxing, electrolysis.

After each treatment, try to apply aloe Vera or a soothing moisturizer and ice to calm the skin.


3. Blisters and crusting;

These effects are caused by immediate sun exposure after skin treatments.

Crusting can lead to scarring or scabbing. Therefore, It’s important to take care of the treated area after each procedure. 

Avoid using harsh body lotion, wearing tight clothes, etc. this can cause further irritation on the treated area.


4. Eye injury;

Laser hair removal involves using potent light energy, which means that there is a potential of causing eye injury. 

Especially when the laser treatment is on the face, the patient and the physician must wear protective eye equipment to prevent damages from occurring during the treatment.

Can laser kill skin cancer?

Can laser kill skin cancer?

No . Laser hair removal can only shrink skin cancer.

To Kill skin cancer, you have to undergo pre-cancers Laser surgery, which uses a wavelength of light to treat the cancer cell directly.


Does skin get dark after laser hair removal?


The Laser hair removal treatment might darken or lighten the affected skin area.

These changes occur temporarily, and they are a result of sun exposure before or immediately after treatment.


Can laser hair removal damage reproductive organs? 

The answer is NO. Laser Hair Removal treatment cannot damage Reproductive Organs.

Though, most Women often ask this question before getting their bikini hair removed. 

If you are scared of laser treatment, you are recommended to use an IPL handset to remove your bikini hair yourself.


Does IPL or Laser cause infertility?

There is no medical study to prove that laser hair removal causes infertility.

When treating the bikini, lasers only penetrate the skin where the hair follicle is located and do not affect any other organs.

Laser or IPL hair removal is usually safe in such sensitive areas of the skin.

These imaginations of hair removal devices causing infertility are false because the beams of light energy used in laser hair-removal treatments destroy hair follicles without reaching reproductive organs.


Conclusion on can laser hair removal cause skin cancer.


The laser device used for the hair removal method is not UV concentrates. 

Therefore, there is no risk of skin cancer. The laser procedure is safe and has minor irritations. 

Though some of these risks may sound scary, they can be easily avoided when the expert carries out the treatment.

Many side effects like severe skin irritation or eye injury are often common when an inexperienced or underqualified technician carried out the laser treatment. 

Homiley beauty rose IPL
Homiley beauty rose IPL

Check the clinic’s customer reviews before going for hair removal treatment, or you can use IPL handsets like Homiley beauty rose IPL to get your hair removal treatments done by yourself. 

The IPL hair removal device has no side effects and can give equal treatment.

At-home IPL hair removal devices make it easy for everyone to achieve flawless, smooth, and hair-free skin. 

If you decide to go with the home ipl handset to combat your unwanted body hair, be sure to purchase from a reputable company that backs their product with a warranty, like HOMILEY.


Homiley is one of the top leading companies that offer the best at-home IPL hair removal handset designed to relieve you of frequent visits to the clinic for laser treatment. 

It gives results in less than 8 treatment sessions. It has five different adjustable power settings to suit your skin tone or skin’s sensitivity.

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