Can you use Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum together?

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We are very much acquitted of the various benefits of using vitamin C serum, but only a few people are aware of hyaluronic acid’s benefits to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C Serum are commonly used together because they complement each other to hydrate, protect and repair aging skin. The combination of these two skincare ingredients gives a tremendous optimal healthy skin. 

Why is it necessary to use Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic Acid?

 First, excess use of vitamin c can result in skin irritation. Second, it triggers dryness and can even result in acne breakout in the skin.

Furthermore, there are several reasons for combining hyaluronic acid and vitamin c serum.

Hyaluronic acid is a great addition to vitamin c as it balances the skin treatment, prevents vitamin c from overworking the skin, and helps in creating moisture for skin nourishment.

In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of combining 

these two ingredients hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in your skincare routine.

What is vitamin c serum?

It is a product packed with vitamin C, and It has the thickness of a liquid or gel applied to the skin to help eliminate the forming of free radicals, which break down collagen and elastin. Also, vitamin c serum lightens darker patches (Hyperpigmentation).


What is vitamin C?

VitaminC is an antioxidant that is naturally present in high levels in the skin. Thus, it protects the skin from ultraviolet(UV) sun and other environmental damage. 

It is also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble mineral found in various eatable edibles(Food). Furthermore, there are two types of vitamins. The L-ascorbic and D- ascorbic acid.

L –ascorbic and D- ascorbic vitamin

L-ascorbic acid is an essential form of vitamin C responsible for the overall growth and development of healthy skin. 

While D-ascorbic acid is responsible for immune boosting, repairing radical damage caused by prolonged exposure of the skin to UV rays, and fighting aging signs, these are the potent ingredients present in vitamin.

However, the effectiveness of vitamin C serum depends a lot on the concentration and form of natural vitamin C used and the formulation’s stability.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally produced by the body. 

It is a clear, sticky, and highly viscous type of sugar naturally present in the dermal layer of the skin. 

Therefore taking the hyaluronic acid supplement would help to retain moisture and keeping the youthful skin appearance. There are other tons of benefits of Hyaluronic acid, and it’s an advantage on your skin.

10 benefits of hyaluronic acid Supplement to the body

Why should I combine hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum 

Combining hyaluronic and vitamin c serum produces an incredible skin treatment, and these two ingredients work together to produce an effective skincare treatment.

One of the important reasons for combining these ingredients is to avoid excess use of vitamin C; too much vitamin C serum would overwork the skin and expose the skin to irritation, dryness, and acne break out.

Hyaluronic acid neutralized high reactive properties present in vitamin C from being harmful to the skin.

They complement each other to hydrates, protect, and repair aging skin.

They create a motion barrier that would help sensitive skin heal faster.

They alleviate signs of wrinkles, fine lines and moisturizing the skin to restore its youthful elegance.

Combining both ingredients produces a balanced treatment to the skin, as hyaluronic acid smoothens, moisturizes, while vitamin C serum tones and brightens the skin for a radiance look.

They work together to ensure a rapid elimination of pigments easier and faster.


How do I combine hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum?

However, before combining these ingredients for your skincare routine, it important you learn how to apply each of them to the skin.

 Step 1: Wash the skin with lukewarm water and then wipe with a soft foam cleanser.

Step 2: Proceed to apply the lighter ingredients, which should come first because their highly reactive properties would prepare the skin for better healing.

Step 3: Apply vitamin C serum to smoothen and lighten the skin for easy penetration of the hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines, reverse wrinkles signs, thereby firming and plumping the skin.


Benefits of hyaluronic and vitamin C serum

These two ingredients have many benefits to skin treatment as they retain, purify and moisturize the skin for a youthful appearance. 


Here are the various benefit derived from combining hyaluronic and vitamin C serum.

  • It fades away pigmentation, erases discoloration, and brightening the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid retains skin moisture, while vitamin C serum protects the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays sun damage exposure.
  • They eradicate premature aging signs (wrinkles) and fine lines.
  • In addition, they smoothen and brighten the skin.
  • They work together to build glowing and flawless skin.
  • The combination of both produces rapid skin rejuvenation and give you an exciting skincare routine.
  • They enhance the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • They boost the skin collagen synthesis.
  • They have anti-inflammatory effects to help treat acne and pimples.
  • They exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells.


Finally, we now know what hyaluronic acid is and how its combination with the popular vitamin C serum can produce better skincare and play an essential role in our health.  

As one gets older, the body depreciates and decreases in the amount of natural moisture, and the appearance of wrinkles becomes more visible and challenging. 

To keep skin in perfect shape, we must maintain by taking these natural supplements and serums. 

In the bottom line, vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid are some great ingredients that ensure your skin is in good shape by retaining moisture to maintain youth radiance skin and protect the skin from dangerous environmental properties.

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