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cerave resurfacing retinol serum

The Cerave resurfacing retinol serum is great for minimizing pores and dark spot signs of wrinkles but not active enough to completely diminish the skin challenges. 

The product could not Offer a quality treatment to my skin as I have expected, and the performance is not encouraging after a long while of constant application. 

Then I wish I had gone for a more active retinol serum-like Cerave skin-renewing retinol serum, E.T.C., and then I was scared of their high ingredient reactions on my dry skin.  

My Search for new product alternative

But then I decided to do more research on various retinol serums, and then it was clearer to me that there is a mild potent form of retinol serum. On the long list, I found Homy skin retinol serum

I glance through this product’s customer review, then spot a review on my skin type and how it works perfectly with the customer’s skin with a photo indicating “before and after “using the serum. 

It grew my interest in the product, and I decided to purchase the product, and it feels good on my skin and scents nice as well.

Finally, the right retinol serum product! 100% Recommended.

Cerave retinol resurfacing serum. Used once!... - Depop

I highly recommend  Homy skin retinol serum to anyone out there having a similar skin challenge as I had earlier. It made my evening skincare routine so exciting. 


Though I have suffered from acne since I was a child, and I have several acne scars, I have been spending hundreds of dollars on different serums to get rid of the scars, none of them worked as this homy skin product did.


I have only been using the new serum for about 2 months now, and my overall complexion is glowing, and my dark pigmentation from post-acne scars has all disappeared. 


I have dehydrated skin that’s why I am very cautious about what I put on my skin to avoid flaking. My skin did peel using this product to turn over new healthy skin cells.

Does Cerave-Resurfacing Retinol Serum work?

The resurfacing Retinol Serum does works but is not as active as other forms of retinol. 

As an anti-aging ingredient, it works by smoothing your skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of post-acne marks, wrinkles, and minimizing the look of pores.

It also treats hyperpigmentation without diminishing the bacterias or blemishes permanently like other active forms of retinol products, such as the Homy skin retinol serum, cerave skin-renewing retinol serum

Retinol For Acne: How To Use Safely, Side Effects, Products

Cerave resurfacing retinol serum vs. Differin gel Reddit

The Cerave retinol serum and Differin gel Reddit are both retinoid products. Both products contain a 0.1% percentage. 

They can be less effective on some skin types, whereas Cerave skin renewing Retinol serum contains a 0.3% stronger form of retinol, which can be too harsh for some skin types and get them irritated. 

Homy skin retinol serum contains 0.2%, which makes it a mild-moderate form of retinol. It treats all skin types without getting them irritated.; however, they’re all approved retinoid products by F.D.A.

Can you use Differin gel and cerave-resurfacing retinol serum together?

The cerave resurfacing retinol serum can be used with Differin gel. Both ingredients are formulated with the same percentage of retinol properties. 

They attract moisture to the skin and restore the protective barrier. 

The combination of these gentle products reduces the side effects of retinol serum. You can apply the product one after the other or mix both together.

How long does cerave resurfacing retinol serum take to work?

Resurfacing Retinol Serum | Post-Acne Marks Treatment | CeraVe

The product takes up 2 to 3 months to work with regular applications. Therefore, if you want a better result with the CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum, you must constantly apply the serum. 

How often should you use Cerave resurfacing retinol serum?

The Cerave Retinol serum should be use morning and night five times a week with a good night moisturizer to prevent dryness and the addition of sunscreen to prevent sun damages. 

What is the best moisturizer to use with Cerave resurfacing Retinol serum?

The best moisturizer to use with this serum or any retinol products is Hyaluronic acid moisturizer. The combination of these ingredients will produce excellent skincare results. 

What percentage of retinol is in Cerave resurfacing retinol serum?

The Cerave resurfacing serum contains 0.1% retinoid(Vitamin A), making it a less potent retinol product. However, it can be very effective to people with normal skin types and less effective for other skin types. So, therefore, before you purchase any skincare product, you need to know your skin type. 

Conclusion on our review


Here are my final thoughts on the CeraVe Retinol Serum Review. 

I would recommend it to anyone with a normal skin type, and wholeheartedly recommend Homy skin retinol serum, which is a mild-moderate serum that gives solution for all skin types. 

It fades acne scars, freckles, and brightens the complexion.

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