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Does Crystal Skin Laser Hair Removal Works?

Crystal skin laser hair removal is similar to brands like HeySilkySkinKenzziRoskincohappy skin co, and Lux skin IPl hair removal. Crystal skin IPl works but takes a much longer time than other superior brands like Homiley hair removal.

Does Crystal Skin laser hair removal Work on Dark Skin?

Most laser hair removal handset will generally work for fair skin color. Some are designed to work for all skin color, and some for specific skin. 

Crystal skin laser hair removal may not be suitable for all dark skin but work fairly for some people with light and dark color tone.

So, it’s important to read through the website detail page or enquire from them before making a purchase.

Crystal Skin Co review 

I have used Crystal Skin co in the past month and will say it works, but now I’m using a different brand (Homiley); this brand is much preferable and works better than crystal skin.

Watch Crystal Skin Co Laser Review

Recommended Laser hair Removal For All Skin Types

I recommend using these types of laser hair removal; they work for all skin types, including black skin color tone.

Homiley hair removal – This brand costs a little about $129, very suitable for light skin and dark color.

Homiley has a longer lifespan than average laser hair removal. It comes with 1Million flashes. 

The handset is estimated to last over 10 years of use. This brand is the USA made and specially made for women. 

Deess Gp590 – A superior brand that works for all skin color. It costs over $400. 

I bought this brand because it has 3-in-1 functionalities. 

It can be used for different skin care treatments like hair removal, blackhead removal, and acne treatment.


I wouldn’t say Crystal skin laser hair removal isn’t good. I did try it, and it worked fairly. However, if you’re skeptical about it, I will suggest you go for other brands like Homiley IPL (made for women)

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