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deess ipl gp590 review

Three months ago, I was looking for a hair removal device; I was a little skeptical; about how this home hair removal could be, but treatment at the saloon is so expensive, so I decided to buy Deess home ipl beauty device.

Deess laser is a premium-priced laser hair removal and it works very well, just like the professional treatment you will get at the clinic.

My Review- Deess home ipl beauty device Gp590

My Review- Deess home ipl beauty device Gp590

I researched and read tons of reviews before buying this specific model, Deese Gp590. Unlike other models (Deess hair removal Gp588, Deess ilight 3 plus), Gp590 has multi-function and works better. I will explain further how this component works later in this article.

This is my second IPL new trend!! I didn’t believe this will work as I was disappointed with my first purchase. The first one worked to some point, but it developed some electrical fault that rendered the items unusable.

Deess laser allows you to adjust up to 4 power levels. The level one alone is stronger than level 3 of my previous handset. It has both manual and automatic pulses.

I started treatment on my legs and arms. Unlike the treatment you get at a spa that involves gel, this device can be used on dry shaved skin. It’s good to exfoliate and shave before using the device.

How man times I applied Deess IPL?

I do my treatment twice a week. Before I apply the treatment, I shave, shower, and exfoliate. When I’m done with treatment, I apply a moisturizer like a coconut oil or natural body butter.

After three weeks of treatment, the result I got was terrific, and it only took me about 5-6 sessions to get my hair 50% reduced.

I continued the treatment, and in my third month, I can barely notice hair growth. I was so impressed by the result. I will say 80% of hair growth reduced this time.

I have up uploaded the before and after photo below this article. Make sure you hold off the tanning regiment while doing the treatment.

So far, the overall result is great, and I’m very impressed. I will recommend Deess hair removal to anyone. There is a year warranty if it does ever have a problem.

How Does Deess Ice Cool IPL it work?

Deess Laser 3-in-1 – For Hair Removal, Skin rejuvenation, and Acne. 

There is a 3-in1 component that comes with it. With this specific model, you can do

  • Hair removal treatment – One of the Deess laser components is removing hair on any part of the day. It works for face, chin, belly, arm, underarm, legs, and bikini
  • Skin Rejuvenation – Deess ice-cool IPL works for facial skincare, toning, pore reduction, wrinkle removal, increase skin elasticity, and anti-aging.
  • Acne Treatment – Deese Gp590 work of acne prone skin. Deess helps to reduce the presence of acne on the face and improve your outlook. 

How Does Deess Ice Cool IPL it work?

Deess ice-cool IPl has a longer lifespan than most premium IPL. It can last up to 10 years of use. 

It takes less than 15 – 30 minutes to do a whole-body treatment. The flash doesn’t hurt because it has an inbuilt protection mechanism from excessive flash.  

You may not have to worry about hazardous skin concerns (Hyperpigmentation scars) and getting burnt.

I’m a big fan of this brand, nearly 3 years now. The IPL has been serving me. I now save lots of money on professional clinical treatment that cost me $250 per month. 

Does it work on all Skin?

deess ice coo ipl review

The good thing I love about this IPL is the ability to adapt and work on different skin colors, unlike other hair removals. 

It works best on lighter and darker hair. If you have mixed or contrast color, Deess ipl will probably work but takes more time.

Within 3 weeks of use, I started noticing a reduction of my hair; they grew thinner without shaving.

Deess hair removal Easy to use?

Yes, Deess hair removal is easy to use. The instructional manual is so easy to understand, and the setup isn’t complicated.

To turn on, off, and change the energy level of the device is easy. I like it very much because it is very convenient to use at home. It is very handy, easy to hold, and use. A novice can use it without stress

Does Gp590 hurt – review? 

I have had professional hair removal in the past, and it hurts, expensive, and time-consuming. But Deess hair removal doesn’t hurt as much. I was afraid it would hurt and didn’t want to use it somewhere sensitive.

I was surprised it didn’t hurt and immediately used it for my whole legs, armpit, and bikini area. The quick press button on the front pad allows you to change the energy level until you feel okay with it. 

Deess hair removal before and after

Deess hair removal before and after

Yes, everything worked fine. Also, I love how easy it can fit inside my bag. The last treatment I did was at the office. It is Kind awkward, but I like the idea of flexibility.  

I wish to add the before and after picture here, but showing an image like that looks disgusting to me. However, it works very well.

What your conclusion?

I will recommend Deess IPl is, but the price tag is high, and probably not everyone may want to pay much for the IPL.  

However, Suppose you want something affordable and compact that works great, including those you feel shy doing at the saloon. Try Homiley hair removal, in my opinion, is the best alternative to Deess home ipl beauty device.

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