11 best Electric makeup brush Cleaners and Dryers

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11 best Electric makeup brush Cleaners and Dryers

Are you looking for quality and less expensive Electric makeup brush cleaner? If you have been spending a fortune buying overly-hyped brands, it’s time to stop and consider these alternatives.

makeup brush

I’m sure you’re a fan of makeup brushes, and as a young lady writing behind the computer screen, I know how essential brush sets are useful in our mimic lives.

In our generation, makeup brushes are now a vital and must-have tool in a woman’s bag readily available to polish our faces.

Because of our love for stylish brushes, we are tempted to spend more and load our closet with junks and inferior brands without realizing how much damage we are doing to ourselves using those brushes.

Why you need this recommended Make Brushes?

I understand we go through a thorough face cleaning routine regardless of how much time it takes. Let’s face it; our faces clustered with oily and dead skin cells that can cause acne or related skin problems.  

So, you must employ effective cleaning measures to your brushes before slamming them on your face. What is the solution? Electric makeup brush Cleaners, of course. The makeup brush cleaner machine is useful for sanitizing our brushes before use.

The makeup brush cleaner machine makes life much easier for you. It works as a brush sanitizing machine to prevent your skin from been infected with previously used remain makeups on the brush.

1. Edook electric makeup brush and sponge cleaner

Edook claims to wash your bristle thoroughly and leave them dry in 30seconds. Based on reviews on the detail page, we can see that Edook electric makeup brush works very well.

From our findings, this is one of the best automatic cleaning machines for makeup brushes and blending sponge.

30seconds is cleaning will save you’re a lot of time. If you’re like me that rush out for work every morning, this is a perfect machine to have in your closet. 

That’s not all. The cleaning device rotates at 360-degree for more efficient cleaning and debris from all angles. This machine will get the cleaning done a lot more than running the brush under a faucet.

What’s is included Edook electric makeup brush and sponge cleaner pack

The Electric makeup brush cleaner support 8 different sizes of brush. So you don’t have to worry if the big brush you got will be able to fit in. This machine is the ideal for working class women or any one hasting to get makeup done.


  • Thirty seconds of cleaning time.
  • Fast and Instant drying
  • Re-use quickly
  • The build quality is quite reliable.
  • It Supports up to eight range of brushes.
  • Value for money
  • Very affordable


  • It does support overly-heavy brushes
  • Sometimes, it delays before it will start to spin.

2. Hizek Makeup brush Cleaner

Hizek is my mum’s favorite brush cleaner; she bought this as a gift on my birthday. Unlike Hopemate makeup brush cleaning kits, Hizek makeup brush cleaner is an automatic electric cleaner that is compatible with most-sized brushes. So, you are safe as you do not have to worry about your brushes fitting on it. 

The most conventional electric cleaner has only cleaning functionality, but when it comes to Hizek, it cleans and dries the bristle of your brushes in no time.

It supports makeup cleaning sponge too. I have chosen this because of the Multi-brush collar not commonly found among electric brush cleaners.

However, it doesn’t work for big brushes, but with additional mounted brush holders, you can clean and dry multiple brushes altogether. Also, it has speed setting options to control how fast you want the cleaning done. Nice option.


  • The holder supports most Brushes
  • It can clean both small and large brushes
  • Save you a lot of time
  • It Saves you quite some time.
  • Clean up to 6 small brushes with the multi collar holder 


  • You may not get bigger brushes to fit in just as small one’s

3. Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner

Luxe makeup brush cleaner uses a robust brush cleaner to clean the bristle of your brushes thoroughly. With the help of a premium cleaning solution, it cleans continuously without replenishing a cleaning solution.

It has easy to use, and directions are straight forward.

It has a structure that helps you organize your makeup brushes when cleaning. It also supports USB charging.

What Included in Luxe makeup Brush maker?

  • Bowl Splash Guard Ring
  • Eight Rubber Collars
  • Brush Spinner
  • Manual
  • Luxe Makeup Cleaning Solution.

Pros of Luxe

  • Automated electric makeup brush cleaning machine
  • Universally made for most brush brands
  • Superfast charging & saves time
  • Improved makeup application
  • Elegant design
  • Extends brush lifespan
  • Flawless makeup
  • Warranty
  • Quality materials

Cons of Luxe

  • The prices are really on the high side

4. Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Spinner Tool by Castilla

The cleaner is more of a smaller version. The cleaning tool kit has the same automation system and suitable for small brushes. 

You can change the speed depending on the brush you want to clean.

The automation brush cleaner comes with variable speed rotation, unlike most cleaning kits. The small size makes it suitable for most people on a budget with fewer brushes to use per time.

What Included in Castilla Cleaning Kits

The cleaning kit comes with a built-in lithium battery and Supports USB charging. So you don’t need to carry a separate charger, use your phone to do your work.

Another unique feature about this electric makeup brush cleaner is the inbuilt ultraviolet ray, known to kill germs and other unseen bacterial causing breakouts.

5. StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

StylePro makeup brush cleaner is another beautiful automated cleaner for cleaning brushes. It is elegant and does an excellent job of washing the bristle of your brush and drying them.

You don’t have to do any manual movement, all you need is to add the water and brush cleaning liquid, and it does the automated cleaning.

Few seconds of spin is enough to get your bristle cleaned thoroughly and dried. There is no complexity with the set up; the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Included in Stylepro Cleaner

  • Eight brush sizes
  • Collars and Collar stand
  • Two pieces of AAA batteries
  • Tritan cleaning bowl
  • Bowl Neck
  • Two sachets Makeup brush cleanser

Pro SylePro

  • Superfast
  • Easy to clean and dry brushes
  • Anti-bacteria and germs
  • Use up to 8 brush sizes
  • Use with other detergents.
  • Both for natural and synthetic brushes
  • Comes with batteries
  • Comes with two cleanser sachets

Cons SylePro

  • No detailed Instructions 
  • Replace batteries when it runs down.

6. Urban Super-Fast Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer

Another automatic electric makeup brush cleaner that is affordable and runs efficiently for brush cleaning. It comes with a mounting system that allows you to mount up to eight brushes. The machine is easy to operate. 

 All you need is to place your brushes in the bowl with a cleaning solution, turn on the device, and cleaning done.

The machine can get the makeup brush cleaned and dried in seconds. Unlike other conventional electric make brush cleaner, this cleaner can handle small and large brushes.


  • Good quality
  • Fast and Safer
  • Gentle on bristles
  • Use for multiple brush sizes.


  • No Batteries included in the package.

7. Electric makeup brush cleaner from Houteman

Houteman electric makeup brush cleaner is relatively low in price and very efficient for cleaning brush. It comes with Eight collars for different brush sizes. Clean as many brushes needed for your make at a go.

The is made of high-quality material and can last for a longer time. It uses a rechargeable battery, which makes it better than a style replaceable battery. The downfall with this brand is the lack of USB charging, which makes it fall behind other brands.

However, it has a protective cover for reducing rumbling noise from the machine. If you are a nursing mum, you can clean and do your makeup without waking your sleeping baby or bothering anyone with noise


  • It dries faster
  • Affordable 
  • Operates without noise
  • A quick, silent cleaning


  • You may not be able to use big brushes.

8. Electric makeup brush cleaner by E-Senior for all size makeup brushes

E-senior electric brush cleaner is compatible with most brush and far better than most cleaning devices of its range. The compatibility makes it suitable for cleaning a reasonable number of brushes.

The machine delivers rapid speed cleaning. E-senior cleans and dry brushes thoroughly in matter seconds.

The device does an excellent job of cleaning and disinfecting the brush from germs and bacteria’s. Thus, preventing you from skin problems and any breakouts.  


  • It uses AAA batteries
  • Made with eco-friendly and non-toxic material


  • Downside – No USB charger
  • Batteries are not rechargeable. 

9. LARMHOI Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

Are you looking for a smart and straightforward automatic makeup brush? Then LARMHOI Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer is an excellent idea for you. 

The machine is operation is a portable and straightforward cleaner that does as much work as other brands quickly and efficiently.

It has eight collars, automated cleaning, eco-friendly, and durable. Relax and watch Larmhoi do the cleaning job for you.


  • Simple and portable
  • Durable and Eco-friendly
  • Quick clean, Easy to use
  • Gentle on bristles
  • Clean up to eight brush sizes


  • Batteries not included

10. Electric Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool By Selene with USB, 13 Collars 3 Speeds

Selene is a full automatic makeup brush cleaner for breezy cleaning.

An Electric cleaner is a multi-tasking machine, fast, simple, and sturdy. It operates with variable speed making it easy to handle most brush sizes.


  • Speed variation 
  • 13 Collars
  • Travel friendly
  • Durable and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on bristles
  • 2 Years warranty
  • USB system
  • Applicable for most brush sizes


  • May not handle big brushes.

11. Pro DOTSOG 2019 Upgraded Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Kit

DOTSOG automatic makeup brush cleaner has become prominent among the top-recommended brush cleaner in the industry.

It comes with 8 collars to conveniently handle more brush and conveniently. 


  • Easy Clean and dry
  • Gentle and convenient
  • Safer, Faster, Easy to use
  • Warranty and support
  • Usable for multiple brush sizes


  • Not for massive brushes
  • No color option

Buying Guide for Electrical Makeup Brush Cleaner 

I want to drop some quick criteria to follow before buying cleaner. However, this isn’t a must guide to follow; it is just my opinion of the things I look out for before making a purchase. 

This guide was written with the help of, most of the information where compiled from the website to help you make an informed buying decision.

Quality First

I consider quality before anything else. You will want to buy a brush cleaner that will last longer and serve you efficiently. 

Variable Speed;

Speed is another factor to consider before buying your brush cleaner. With variable speed, you will be able to adjust the cleaning speed. The need for quick cleaning depends on how fast the machine spins the brushes and dries them.

Mounting Option:

Most women have more one make brush; cleaning each brush one at a time wouldn’t be efficient if you need more brushes for your makeup. It is where the need for mounting options plays a significant role. 

  • The mounting options give you the flexibility to add more brushes to the cleaning machine. Brush Cleaner with more collars or multiple mounts is preferable. 

Charging and power options: 

I prefer to buy a rechargeable electric cleaner. If you love to Makeup all time, electric makeup cleaner with this added option will be great for you. You wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of changing batteries every time it runs down.

Also, if the charging options allow for USB charging, then I will go for it. That means I will be able to directly charge my cleaner from my laptop, in the car, or anywhere I find a USB port.


I included warranty as part of my buying guide because electronic machines are prone to defaults, whether made in the USA or china. However, that wouldn’t stop me from buying the cleaner that picks my interest, as longs as the product has a positive impact on other buyers.


  • Price is my last shot. As you may already know, I’m a big fan of buying quality for less ($). Most make brush cleaner start as low as $18 upwards. If I can get the best quality of lower price, then cuddles to happy young lady, I just saved some cash for more beauty products. 


The Electric makeup brush cleaner listed above is a mix of quality and affordable brands that can give you the best cleaning experience. We know time matters a lot; we want to be able to get through stuff as quickly as possible.

These automated makeup brush cleaners are fast and efficient. They do cleaning and drying in a matter of seconds. See what is right for you and pick according to your criteria.

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