Does Flex Cup it really work? Honest Review

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Does Flex Menstrual Cup really works? Honest Review

The problem I have with the flex menstrual cup is the leakage. The cup’s size is quite big, maybe I got the wrong size, but I haven’t been able to get it in the right position. The leakage is a big issue for me; I use it alongside my period panties.

It may work for some people with a light flow. However, on your heavy days, I will not recommend using only the cup. Get period underwear for best results.

Flex menstrual cup Reviews

Ever since i started using the product, I always have issues inserting the cup. It constantly slides out, which causes leakage.  

The material is too soft; I find it difficult to pee when I had this in because it slides out. If you try to bear it down, it pops out. The cup is a good idea, but I think it has some design flaws. 

Replace your tampons and pads today with PERIOD PANTIES. 

Perfect for light and heavy flow. Give it a try today.

Does Flex Menstrual cup really works? review

Does Flex Cup it really work Review


I love the concept, but it doesn’t work for me. I have used different cups like Divacup for years without a problem, but I decide to give it try when it was time to change. However, the product didn’t work like the Diva Cup. 


Divacup does have little flaws; comparing it with flex, it’s way better. Whether Diva cup or flex cup, I don’t use them without period pants. I bought my period undies from the period leak website. The undies prevent blood from seeping out. 


Period pants work for both light and heavy flow. From my experiences, it can hold up to 4tapons without leakage incase the cup leaks or overflows. 

Types of Flex fit menstrual cup.

Types of Flex fit menstrual cup.

The flex fit cup comes in two models the Flex Slim Fit (smaller), Flex Full Fit (larger). 

Model 1:Flex Slim Fit

This model is much smaller, narrower, and shorter of the two sizes. It comes with a manual and well-packaged box.

Who can use this model?

Flex fit cup is best for beginners depending on your cervix size. You can start with this size, If you are unsure which size to go for.

The slim fit works for light and medium flow. It has the capacity of holding up to 2 tampons (22 ml). However, it absorbs way less than period pants.

Is it your first time using the cup, don’t embarrass yourself outside; get period pants instead as well.

Flex Full Fit Model

This menstrual cup comes with a wider, larger, and longer size than the slim fit. It also has an instructional manual.

Who can use this cup?

The Full Fit Cup is best for beginners and pro with a longer cervix. If the medium doesn’t fit, you can try this size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you poop with a flex Cup in?

Based on my Flex cup experience, you can’t pee or poop when you have it inside because it will pop out when you try to bear down. Remove it before you pee or poop and insert it back. If you aren’t comfortable doing so, go for menstrual panties

Does Flex Cup leak?

Yes. The flex cup leaks if it’s not properly placed. The cup constantly slides out when you try to bear down, which causes leakage. 

Is Flex a menstrual cup?

Flex Fit company offer two types of menstrual cup. Flex Slim Fit and Full Flex Slim Fit

How do you insert the flex menstrual cup?

There are three different ways to insert the Flex Cup: the CFOLD, PUNCHDOWN, AND 7FOLD. Use the fold method best convenient for you. Watch this instructional video below.

How long can you wear a flex cup?

It all depends on your flow. However, the Flex is expected to last longer than 12hours. From my experiences, it doesn’t last up to 4hours. If your flow is heavy, expect 1 or 2hours.

Can you rinse and reuse Flex?

Yes, you can rinse and reuse the cup as needed. Please make sure you sterilize it before reusing it.

How do I know if my Flex is inserted correctly?

If the Flex cup is correctly placed, you wouldn’t feel any indentation, nor something inside. That’s weird.

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