7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair With Every Changing Season

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How To Take Care Of Your Hair With Every Changing Season?

Moving from hotter to cooler months or similarly from humid weather to dry; brings many skin and hair problems. Your hair will always suffer from numerous setbacks with changing seasons.

With different temperature changes, hair gets unmanageable, dry, greasy, hard, and extra silky. Often, the scalp gets itchy and causes allergies.

Therefore, hair care is necessary throughout the year. At times, you need more stimulation for stabilizing the sebum concentration on your scalp’s topmost layer.

It is often recommended to use the Mystic Moments UK discount codes to apply aromatherapy for your hair. However, if you are looking for further tips to take care of your hair in every season, keep reading.

5 hair care tips for this season

5 Hair care tips for every changing season

Here is a collection of the best hair care tips from experts. We wish to help every individual in maintaining a worthy hair care regimen during the five different seasons. Learn how to take care of your hair during winter, summer, fall, monsoon, and spring.

Winter hair care tips

If you reside in a place where winter occurs more, then you can understand the adverse effects of this season. The colder climate is extremely harsh on all types of hair. You can follow some of the winter hair care tips below to keep your locks in shape.

  • Winters force you to take a hot steamy shower for relaxing in the cozy comforter. However, hot water can extract moisture from your follicles, making it breakable and brittle. Therefore, try to wash your hair with lukewarm water and cover up with a cool rinse.


  • During winter, keeping the hair wet for a long time is difficult, and so people move to blow-drying. However, it will instantly draw moisture from your hair. Therefore, it is better to let your hair dry naturally.


  • Of course, blow-drying is not recommended during any season. Nevertheless, exposing wet hair to a colder climate is dangerous. It can cause your follicles to freeze and break. Adopt a habit of leaving your comfort zone with dry hair in this season.


  • Oiling is mandatory during winters. This weather can create havoc on your hair strands. Prefer an oil-based hair mask or treatment for maintaining moisture. Also, you can select a leave-in oil formula for more.


  • Stick to a weekly hair mask during winters for preventing damaged and dry hair. You can find multiple DIY hair masks for winters on the internet fo0r hydrating, softening, and soothing hair.


  • Over-washing hair during winters can also extract moisture and strip natural oils. Therefore, try to wash your hair twice a week for preventing dryness. Also, it is better to use dry shampoo during winters.


  • Last but not least, always try to cover your head when leaving the house. Wear a hat during colder months for protecting it from the dry weather. Also, make sure to wear silk and satin hats only as the other materials can break hair.
how to take care o your hair
L’Oréal Paris

Summer hair care tips

The summer sun can result in oxidative and weathering damage to different types of hair. It makes your hair stiff and brittle during summers. Follow all the summer hair care tips can protect your follicles from the scorching sun.

  • Using too many cosmetics during summers can be damaging. The hot weather will already frizz your strands. It is recommended not to color your follicles during summers. You can change the shade before the sun gets too hard.


  • Conditioning hair in summer is necessary. It is because the drying weather extracts out all the moisture. Therefore, give back a bit of moisture and use a leave-in conditioner whenever possible.


  • Avoid shampooing your hair every day. Washing follicles every day can also extract the natural oils off your scalp and lead to dryness. If you are a sweaty person, try to use a mild shampoo that goes soft on hair during this season.


  • If you have gone under a hair treatment or recently colored your hair, be more careful. Hair sustains maximum damage after chemical hair treatments. Therefore, prefer hair care essentials specially formulated for colored or treated hair. Otherwise, try to cover your hair with a scarf when the sun is at peak.


  • Summer heat will quickly frizz your hair and make it dry. If you do not feel like covering with a scarf, try different summer hairstyles for controlling frizz. You can still look stylish with a braid, ponytail, bun, and similar hairstyles.
  • Deep conditioning treatments can help nourish hair during summers. Henceforth, try to keep your hair hydrated by applying deep conditioners weekly.

Fall hair care tips

Now, when summers come to an end, fashion lovers must switch to new hair care tips for fall. The cooler winds in this weather bring dryness and make your follicles difficult to manage. Therefore, you can follow the fall hair care tips and shape your hair throughout the season.

  • Fall is the time to break up from your summer hairstyle and give your ponytail a rest. It can cause breakage and stress on your scalp soon after hair starts getting dry. Prefer wearing your hair down or softly pin them up.


  • Try to give your hair a moisturizing treatment during colder climates. It will add shine to your hair and cleanse it ideally. You can condition your hair ends twice every week and keep it healthy.


  • Prefer colder showers during fall. It will help you to keep the moisture in your hair. Cold water is an expert way to close the hair shaft. Therefore, it will lock moisture inside your scalp and refresh it.


  • Start using a few protectant products during fall and prevent dryness. You can quickly skip the use of heat-activated products for hitting on winter beauty. Try to use sprays, serums, creams, and mousses for better hair health.


  • Selecting between shampoos and conditioners during the fall season is challenging. Always apply hair care products that can wear of pollution, smoke, and further environmental damages from your hair. Nonetheless, make sure these products do not strip natural oils from the follicles.

Spring hair care tips

Spring hair care tips

The spring season is known for rejuvenating. Also, it is considered as an ideal time to improve the condition of your hair. You can quickly nourish your hair follicles during spring and embrace its health. Follow these spring hair care tips for beautiful and everlasting hair.

  • Using a hair conditioner is necessary for spring too. Therefore stick to particular shampoos and conditioners that can increase hair health. It is the best time to bring back moisture lost during other seasons.


  • Sunlight during spring can stimulate hair health and growth. Therefore, you can walk under the sun during this season and untie your hair for a better look. It is stylish and healthier at the same time.


  • Let air drying do the honors during spring. It is an ideal time to dry your locks naturally and prevent hair damage. Also, you can try to tie hair in a bun and wait for it to dry out completely. It is an attractive way to bring curls in your hair.


  • Applying multiple hair masks in the spring season is an excellent tip. You can do different experiments on your hair in this season as there are fewer chances of any adverse effects. Try to find masks prepared using natural ingredients and strengthen your hair.


  • Keep away from heat styling even during this season. Going under styling products is risky for hair in every weather. Always stick to hairdos that do not acquire heat styling. In case you are bound to it, make the use of a protector.


  • Prepare yourself for the rainy season and further spring rains. Adopt a hairstyle that can protect your follicles from frizz during the spring season. Prefer braids, buns, and opt for similar hairstyles if you think it is about to rain.

Monsoon hair care tips

The major reason and the only season behind hair fall is rainfall. The monsoon season is the hardest one on hair. In this weather, the chemical structure of your hair makes it unmanageably sensitive. Follow these monsoon hair care tips for protecting your follicles, strands, and scalp.

  • Shampoo your hair approx. 3 times a week during the monsoon season. It will prevent your hair from getting greasy and sticky due to the climate. Use a mild shampoo for preventing breakage and damage.


  • Prefer a microfiber towel during monsoon to dry your hair. It will quickly absorb water from your hair, making sure to cause minimum friction. Also, it will r duce hair fall and protect your hair.


  • Using a conditioner during monsoon is necessary to aid against the frizz from rains. Use a nourishing one to lock moisture in your hair. It is better to use a wide-tooth comb for spreading the conditioner all over your hair without breaking it.


  • Massage your hair gently using essential oils. It will prevent breakage and embrace nourishment. However, make sure not to apply more oil as it can get your hair greasy in such weather.


  • Using multiple hair accessories during monsoon can help prevent hair fall. Try using a scarf or hairband to cover up hair from breaking and falling. Also, it will look stylish and pretty.

Final thoughts

These are some of the best hair care tips for every changing season. You can apply these and shape your locks throughout the year. So, have a good hair day every day!

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