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happy skin co reviews

My happy skin co reviews will help towards making a purchase decision; please read till the end.

I’m Stefanie, and I have always felt insecure when I see a pinch of hair popping out my skin. Doing my body treatment drains a lot of money from me. 

I do my body treatment professionally in hair removal places, $500 -$1000 every month is a whole lot to me.  

Happy skin co reviews

A few months ago, I came across this happy skin co on Facebook floating around me; each time I log in to my Facebook, I accidentally clicked to their website; oh my gosh, I thought to myself, I now found a solution to my problems.

I quickly grab the product for $269 with a discount code on their website. I was more than flattered when I saw happy Skin co IPL laser hair removal could last longer than 5years. 

What a good investment! I bought the white color that arrived within two weeks.

How to use Happy Skin co?

I recently sprayed tan and had to wait 2 weeks before launching the product on my skin. The same rule applies to when you go for professional hair treatment.

Happy skin co recommends using the product once per day for the first 4 weeks. To use happy skin co IPL hair removal, make sure you read the instructional manual first.

Step 1: Unpack the product,

Step 2: Make sure your home voltage can power the device. See the charger’s voltage rating.

Step 3: Then, turn on the machine, do not apply immediately.

Step 4: start with the lowest energy, apply on less sensitive areas like your legs.

Step 5: if you’re okay with the flash flesh, you can apply on other parts of the body.

Does happy Skin co hair removal actually work?


I was skeptical if the product worked because I didn’t see the result in the first 3 to- 4weeks. I do shave once a week instead of daily. Sometimes it isn’t easy to carry out the routine when you don’t see noticeable results.

After the 6 weeks, I started shaving two twice a week; that was when I started seeing some results. However, it took longer to see the result; I knew this because using Homiley silky skin hair removal works so well, like the professional treatment.

The overall experience I had with happy skin co was the average result; that is why I switched using a different brand that works well for me.

how often should i use Happyskinco

How often should you use happy skin co to see a result?

I will recommend using it daily or 3 times a week in the first 4 weeks. Mine took me a long time to see results. If you’re comfortable using it daily, go slower, and be patient. You can use the happy skin co twice a week until you see the result.

I know how hectic it can be doing the same treatment repeatedly for this long time, but that’s the sacrifice you have to pay for beautiful skin.

Happy Skin co has Side effect?

Before I applied the product, I was uncomfortable with the potential health risks of using happy skin co. I have read many reviews where some people got burnt and skin irritation using it.

The handset isn’t designed to work for all skin colors like very white or dark skin tones. The side effects of using happy skin co on non-compatible skin are skin burn, redness of the skin, and patches.  

You may do your due diligence and ask customer service before making a purchase. If you’re in doubt, try other FDA approved At-home laser hair removal like Homiley

HappySkinco FDA approved?

HappySkinco has no FDA approval; there isn’t any information about safety regulation on its website. However, they claim the handset is clinically tested and used by dermatologists. 

Unlike other FDA approved devices with safety protection mechanism, the system has no safety mechanism to ensure that excessive flashes don’t damage the Skin.

Happy Skin Before and after pictures

Happy Skin Before and after pictures

My before and after photo using happy skin co, 12 weeks + dozens of treatment sessions with weak results is not recommendable. 

Below is a picture of my before and after photos using happy skin co. From this image, there is an improvement but not as expected.

Finally, Happy Skin co reviews

Happy skin co doesn’t work much. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work at all, but it never equal to professional hair removal or other professional FDA approved handsets.

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