HeySilkySkin Reviews – Does it work?

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heysilyskin review

HeySilkySkin reviews – We all know professional hair removal costs a hell of money and not budget-friendly for most people. The cheapest hair removal center in my area goes upwards $100 – $200 for a specific area of your body; full treatment is over $2,000. That’s insane, that’s why a good laser handset is a must-have for a young lady like me. It saves you lots of money.

However, lousy hair removal handset comes with risk; it may cause skin irritation and burns. Getting a reliable laser hair removal requires due diligence.

Heysilkyskin laser hair removal reviews

In this blog, I will share some reviews about HeysilkySkin laser hair removal handset, So If you are thinking of buying this handset or looking to buy something reliable, this review is for you.

How does Hey Silky Skin Laser work?

When you turn on the device, set the desired energy level (1-5); if it’s your first time, use level 1, and tune-up gradually. The IPL emits light or flash that feels like a pinch or an insect bite on the Skin. Depending on skin sensitivity, you may feel less or stronger pain. That is why it’s advisable to start low.   

Is it worth buying HeySilkySkin hair removal handset? 

Hey silky Skin laser cost $129; paying this much for a piece of device that solves your hair removal problem and saves you thousands isn’t a bad idea, but it becomes worthless and wasteful if it doesn’t live up to it’s the promise. For me, HeysSilkySkin is quite budgeting friendly, and most people can afford it. 

My Experience with Silky Skin hair removal

hey silky skin laser

I used Hey Silky Skin laser for 2months before I switched over to a different brand, Homiley hair removal, because it developed some that made it completely unusable for me. 

Because of this problem, it isn’t easy to measure if the handset is effective or not. Though I did notice some improvement in the six weeks of use, 20% of hair reduced. For me, I think the hair removal worked at some point before it developed some electrical fault.

What I don’t like about HeySilkySkin co

They seem not to keep up with their promise; I receive an email confirmation they will refund me as the product is electrically faulty.

 To date, I’m still waiting for a refund. I’m disappointed that the company did not hold up to their promise and money-back guarantee. I’ve looked upon other avenues to complain about their business practice but didn’t find any. I hope I get my money someday.

Does the hey silky skin hair removal work?

However, the Hey Silky Skin hair removal device doesn’t Work. Try Homiley Beauty rose IPL, and it works perfectly. 

These hey Silky Skin hair removal device pays people to fabricates reviews and videos, and these guys are deceptive and shady. From dozens of reviews, we have seen that they are fake. 

The Homiley Beauty Rose IPL has much quality as Beauty rose IPL. They have one of the best IPL devices for women and they are very efficient.

At the same time, Hey silky skin ipl can not be recommended for hair treatment as it won’t produce any good result. 

Final Thought – HeySilkySkin reviews

I think the IPL works for some people but isn’t suitable for me. If you have a very light, white, or dark skin tone, this might not be suitable for you. It works mostly for people with contrast color. 

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if it suitable for your skin except you give it a try, but it’s such a risk as you don’t know what to expect. 

Other brand brands work for most skin color but are expensive. If you desire to buy this piece of device, go for the FDA approved brands.

Frequently Asked Question

Is HeySilkySkin FDA approved?

This company has no FDA approval yet; however, they claim the IPL is clinically tested and used by dermatologists. I can’t say more about this claim, but I’m sure hey silky skin isn’t cleared by FDA. Here are the lists of all FDA approved hair removal.

Pros and Cons of HeySilkySkin reviews


  • Applicable to a different part of the skin
  • The price is reasonable and affordable 


  • Not suitable for all skin
  • May cause burns for light or dark skin tone
  • Takes longer than 12 sessions to see desired results

What part of the body does it work?

heysilkyskin laser hair removal handset

HeySilkySkin applies to any part of the body, including the face, leg, arm, chin, and bikini lines. The IPL has a medium-size laser surface that makes it suitable for taking care of the Skin’s large body area. It applies to both men and women.

What Hey Silky Skin Alternatives

As I earlier said, there are hundreds of laser hair removals in the market; to be sure you are buying something safe, go for FDA approved products. Here are few alternatives to HeysilkySkin you may want to consider:

Is Hey silky skin permanent?

No laser hair removal is permanent. The treatment will only last for a couple of weeks before the hair starts to grow back. The result with hey silky Skin is not permanent. It only lasts for 4 weeks and needs weekly treatment and touchup to look silky.

Does Hey silky skin work on blondes?

It doesn’t work for all skin color. It would help if you verified on what Skin it works best before purchasing. I will certainly tell you it works if it’s suitable for blond Skin or not.

How often can you use Hey silky Skin?

Hey Silky Skin recommends using it once a week for 8 weeks, and probably will take a very long time to see the result. Using it 2 times a week will work best for some people, and results are quicker for this type of handset.

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