My $129 Journey with Homiley hair removal

Homiley IPL review – Before I took a leap of faith purchasing this product, I was kind of skeptical as to if the product will work or not. 

At the time of my purchase, the product was pretty new in the market, and there weren’t many reviews to back its claim. However, within 2months of use, the results were so impressive. 

I will say Homiley hair removal is much suitable for younger women. It works very well and recommendable. The silky skin model is straightforward to use and works for most skin colors. 

My Experience with Homiley Silk Skin?

I genuinely love this product. I have used lots of different hair removal handset, and I can say Homiley is my #1 choice.  

I’ve had this device for three months now, and after a few couples of treatments, I saw dramatic changes. It helped me achieve a glowing and flawless skin in just about 8-sessions.

How did it work for me?


The silky skin is complete 360 alternative to professional hair removal treatment from the convenience of one’s home. 

The device comes with different energy settings and two flash modes (Single flash and continuous flash). The continuous flash mode makes it unique from other hair removals. 

I use the continuous flash mode to treat the large part of my body in minutes without waiting for those 3 seconds single flashes, which takes forever to do your body. I only apply the single-mode when I am using in sensitive areas of my body.  

Homiley Silky Skin Reviews

It’s attractive and comfortable. It can remove hair from every body part, including arms, face, legs, armpits, bikini line, and back. 

The handset comes with inbuilt “safe mode” I no longer have to worry about any skin burn. The product is FDA approved and made in the USA. 

What about the price of Homiley?

The price of Homiley hair removal is reasonable; it sells for $129. I think this it’s affordable for most people. I have seen some other items selling for $59 or less, but are made and imported from China. 

I wouldn’t recommend going cheap at the expense of a good product. In most cases I have seen, you may end up with burnt skin. 

Homiley is one best hair removal I have seen so far with a low price tag. Other brands of the same category cost over $300. So, I think $129 is a fair price for me.  

Final Thoughts, Homiley IPL review?

If you are looking for a good buy, I will recommend giving it a try. Dozens of Google reviews and testimonies from young women say they noticed drastic changes after 6th sessions of use.

However, the result varies from users depending on their skin tones. I’m happy with my purchase.

So, if you are looking for some small and compact that can do your whole bodywork in less than 20minutes, Homiley is the right choice for you.

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