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how to shave inner labia

The vagina is the most sensitive part of a lady because of the pleasure it brings and particularly, it is the price of any woman. In the vagina, is where you will find the inner lips or labia; and you know, it needs to be shaved to keep it neat and clean.

Shaving labia area can be very dangerous, because one mistake and you will end up injuring yourself badly. 

It is even more complicating when shaving inner labia, you cannot afford to risk getting injured; therefore, a very good shaving tool is very important.

If you know how to shave hard to reach places that are very sensitive in your body, you must be very good.

Shaving labia area perfectly involves using an FDA approved product that won’t cause you any harm.

However, the challenge has always been getting the right tool for shaving inner labia. Below are steps to shave your inner lips hair properly:

5 Steps how to shave inner labia

how to shave

Step 1: Get trimming Scissors.

The first thing to do is to use scissors to trim the area, especially if the hairs are a bit long. With trimming scissors’ aid, it becomes easier to shave, and there won’t be any hitch or razor accident.

Step 2: Use a Quality Razor and check the direction of your hair

The first step is to get a quality razor suited for your inner lips area. It is important to note that some razors are suited for your genital area, and it is crucial to note the direction of your hairs. Once you know the direction, you’re good to go.

Step 3: Soften the hair through the shower

One way to enjoy smooth shaving is to ensure that the hair is soft. While some may just wash the area, it is advisable to take a shower and ensure water gets everywhere. The softer it is, the easier it becomes for the razor.

Step 4: Exfoliate and Use Warm Water

It is advisable to clean your inner lips area as it will help align your hair and remove dead skin cells. After that, wet your inner lip with warm water again before you start.

Step 5: Wet your Razor and Shave

It is best to wet your razor to use and re-use again, then shave carefully and ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

Effect of Aftermath Shaving on the Inner Labia

Effect of Aftermath Shaving on the Inner Labia

It brings about the most painful inconvenience

For instance, if there is redness on your inner labia after shaving, you will experience one of the most painful things ever in your life. The pain will be so severe that you may be able to put on trousers and underwear.

You may experience a vagina odor.

This is the most painful thing to experience in your inner lips. When the vagina begins to have an odor, then there is a big problem for your womanhood. You will have to use constant perfume, and selected underwear will also be needed, especially when you are in the midst of a crowd.

The labia may never be the same again.

People who have often used bad shaving tools have narrated how their inner labia never remained the same. Some have complained of psychological regrets, while some have developed phobia when it comes to shaving their private part.

How can I avoid aftermath shaving?

The answer is simple, buy laser hair removal that is FDA approved, and you will never experience any form of pain or irritation.

So what is the ideal tool?

The ideal tool to use Homiley Silky Shaver that has been designed to cope with either wet or dry shaving. 

Ladies who have used it on their inner lip have stressed that if every laser hair removal is designed like Homiley, there won’t be a shaving problem. 

Homiley Silky Shaver has different attributes in which water-proof is an aspect that allows you to use while in a shower or bathtub. 

It shaves smoothly and can be adjusted in the speed level to avoid any form of injury. With efficient use, there is no aftermath shaving effect. 

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