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How to shave your legs

The issue of shaving has been an open discussion for a long, among the most important ones is how to shave legs. How to shave might look simple, but it can be complicated if you do not know how to shave properly.

Skin problems like redness, burns, or injuries have often occurred because many are used to shaving with a razor. Some are even of the opinion that shaving legs without a razor is impossible, and that is why it is important to be careful when shaving your leg for the first time.

Why do I have to shave my leg?


Mostly, many of us do not like it when there are lots of hairs on the leg.

Some think how to shave requires tactics, while some shave their leg without a razor using a shaving stick. However, the main thing is that you do not injure or have an aftermath shaving effect, and also, that your leg is properly okay.

So, many shave their legs to look stunning and have this relaxed mind when walking in public. If you are just shaving your legs for the first time, you need to read this post till the end.  


How to shave

For those shaving for the first time, below are the steps:

Grab a new well-made razor








Rub water on your legs

The function of the water is to ensure that leg hair gets softer and is a form of moisture. You can soak your leg in the bathtub or you can do it probably after taking your shower.

You may think this is normal, however, many do not mind using an old razor they probably used to cut their fingers. Some do not bother to check if the razor has rust or if it is dull, they just use it without minding the consequence. The result of using a dull blade is cuts and nicks, therefore, get a new one when the moisture on the blade edge has fade.


Get a body scrub to rub your legs as it will help in removing the dead skin cell and pave way for smooth and seamless shaving.

Apply Shaving Cream and Shave

Use shaving cream to further add intense moisture to the hair and it will make it easy to remove from the follicle. After you’ve done this, begin to shave the hair against its direction to make the shaving closer; it will ensure smooth removal

Rinse your leg, clean, and add moisture


After you’re through with the shaving, wash your legs properly and clean with a towel. You can also dry off your leg and add moisture to make it look brighter.

However, it takes and it is not ideal if you’re shaving your leg for the first time; you will ideally find it boring and may not even bother to shave your leg again.

The popular method of shaving has always been using razors, and while some use clippers meant for cutting the hair on our head. That is never hygienic.

The Issue that comes with using a razor

Using a razor will remove the hair on your leg, but it comes with a repercussion because of its sharp edge. No matter how perfect and careful you may be, injury is inevitable and sometimes, redness always follows.

Aside from that, itches follow and I’ve done a pretty great job not of not scratching my skin surface. This I’ve had to endure many times and even used some products I saw on the internet hoping there would be changes, but no.

I stumbled on series of Laser Hair Removal

At one point, I became accustomed to taking a shower immediately after shaving my legs and it felt like I didn’t know how to shave. This is why I’d advise those shaving legs for the first to be very careful with whatever they use to shave their legs. I kept on searching until I stumbled on a product that changed the whole story.

Homiley Silky Shaver to my aid

Homiley ipl hair removal works for dark skin

After so many trials, I stumbled on Homiley Beauty Rose that removed my leg hairs without leaving behind any form of after-shaving effect. At first, when I used this Homiley product, I decided to wait for few minutes to see if it will be the same experience. To my surprise, I was disappointed because I didn’t feel any uncomfortable effect and to date, I stick with Homiley Beauty Rose

Aside from enjoying your shaving time, it will remove the hairs and make your leg look neat like there is never any hair growth in the first place. Homiley IPL is even a multifunctional tool that can be used on any part of your body.

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Homiley ipl hair removal works for dark skin


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