How to use Lemon Juice paste for hair removal – 100% works

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How can I remove hair using lemon juice is the most question people ask when trying to get rid of their body hair using at homes using lemon-orange. 

Lemon juice is the most commonly used ingredient at home for health remedies. 

However, Only a few people are aware of its hair removal function.


Effectiveness of lemon Juice hair removal work


This article will discuss the effectiveness of removing unwanted hair using Lemon juice and the best alternative using Homiley IPL hair removal.

The Fresh lemon juice( citric acid ) mixed with some natural ingredients like Honey or Sugar applied on the skin will dry out or damage unwanted hair.


However, constant skin exposure to the sun after applying a lemon paste can damage the hair’s outer layer, called the cuticle, to facilitate removal.

In this case, you may want to limit the amount of time you spend outside during the summer period after applying the lemon juice.  

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients you can combine with lemon juice to make hair removal effective and facilitate the killing of hair follicles to prevent hair regrowth.


These are the ways to make your Lemon Juice paste for hair removal.

There are some ingredients you need to add to your citric acid to enhance its efficacy. 

The following are the method of making your lemon juice paste.

These are the ways to make your Lemon Juice paste for hair removal.


1. Honey and Lemon Juice hair removal

The combination of these natural ingredients can be very effective for the body system and eliminates unwanted hair. 

Honey and lemon juice are mostly known for their health benefit. Still, they can work to get rid of unwanted body hair when combined.

Honey helps moisturize the skin, and therefore this method is highly recommended if you have dry skin.


Try at-home ipl hair as the best alternative to Lemon Juice & Honey

Mix the ingredients: 

  • Start with two tablespoons of Honey and four tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of Sugar.
  • Heat the paste for about three minutes and add water to make the mixture thinner, if required.
  • Leave ingredients to simmer and then cooled down before use, Once the paste cools down. 
  • Rub the paste in an upward /opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Next, use a cotton cloth, and pull the hair out in the opposite direction of growth.
  • You should make sure that you have to use the right proportion of ingredients to ensure their effectiveness on hair removal.


2. Sugar and  Lemon hair removal

2. Sugar and Lemon

Sugaring is another alternative method of eliminating unwanted hair, which has been proven to be very effective in hair removal treatment.

It is done by using water, Sugar, and lemon juice.

This procedure of creating the sugaring paste is quite similar to the previous option.

Ingredients should be mixed appropriately and then leave them to simmer to produce the right consistency.


Try at-home ipl hair as the best alternative to Sugar and Lemon.


What is the function of Lemon Juice?

The lemon juice can only weaken the hair follicle to reduce the amount of hair but can not kill hair follicles.

Despite the addition of other natural ingredients like Honey, Sugar, the acidic content in the lemon juice is not potent enough to diminish the hair follicles.

The lemon juice also erases dark spots on the skin and brightens dull areas of the skin.

While eradicating unwanted hair, the lemon paste also serves as a healing agent to the skin.   

However, one of the essential advantages of hair removal is skin whitening. 

Lemon, Honey is essential antioxidant properties. They lighten and smoothen the skin during the hair removal process.


Can lemon juice damage hair follicles?

Are you wondering if lemon juice can damage your hair follicles? Lemon juice can’t kill follicles entirely but can weaken them when combined with other ingredients.


Is Lemon harmful to the face?

Lemon juice is highly acidic, which can irritate your skin. You might experience redness, itching, excessive dryness, and peeling of your skin.

These adverse effects are often experienced by people with dry and sensitive skin types. Therefore, people with sensitive skin are not advised to use this hair removal method.


Can I use Lemon and Honey on my face every day?

According to the nature of your skin, you can apply it once 

daily and for your hair, twice or thrice a week.


Lemon and Honey juice is an excellent antioxidant combination for unwanted hair removal.

They remove hair and brighten the skin, clear away pimples and dark spots.

It also clears away the tan, and it will leave your skin moisturize and get rid of dandruff.


Can Lemon also remove dark spots?

Lemon is a property with Vitamin C, which can help in erasing dark spots on the skin.

You can apply the lemon paste to the affected area after removing the hair. 

Rub the lemon paste on the affected area of the skin for 60 seconds.

Once it is dried, rinse the area with lukewarm water.

Repeat this procedure every day to fade the brown spots away.


How long can I leave lemon juice in my hair?

You can leave the lemon juice mixture on your hair for 25 minutes. Apply the lemon juice mixture directly onto your skin hair in the opposite direction. 

Allow the paste to dry over your skin for about 25 minutes, then Peel off the dry paste. The lemon juice or paste can be applied three times per week.


How can I remove upper lip hair with Lemon and Sugar permanently?

Here is an easy way to wax your upper lip hair;

  • Apply two to three tablespoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of Sugar.
  • Mix the two add a little water to prepare the paste.
  • Apply the paste on the upper lip area of the skin.
  • And allow it dry for at least 18 minutes.
  • When you’re done, rub it off gently and wash it with water.


What can actually damage Hair Follicles permanently?

 Despite its acidic nature (citric acid), Lemon juice paste is not an alternative solution for permanently getting rid of your hair follicles.

However, there are many modern ways you can damage the hair follicle easily instead of using this lemon method which is time-consuming and may not give you the desired result. 

Why don’t you research more advanced hair removal products that can save you time that is much more reliable and long-lasting?


Investing in Homiley beauty rose IPL Hair Removal,l will give you permanent and quick hair removal results.


It saves you from the stress of waxing, shaving, etc., and you will no longer rely on many hair removal mechanisms. 

Instead, you will have an effective DIY device that will enable unwanted hair removal to become much easier.


Finally using Lemon juice for hair removal.

The lemon paste or juice is a great natural ingredient with numerous uses.  

It has lots of skincare benefits and also can get rid of unwanted hair

Naturally highly acidity, however, Lemon can damage the hair when used too frequently but may not be potent enough to kill the Hair follicle permanently. 

Therefore you are advised to use Homiley IPL if you want a permanent result.

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