Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol Oil Serum Review

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Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol Oil Serum Review

I have been using this Institut Esthederm intensive Retinol oil serum for a week and a half in conjunction with the Hyaluronic moisturizer. What can I say? I am totally disappointed by the results I got in such a long time. 

From the first week of usage, my skin felt cracky, and a week later, my skin starts flaking, fine lines and dark spots had become more visible, even deeper wrinkles seemed to be more evident in appearance.  

In my previous research, I stated that it is normal for some people to have flaking skin while using retinol for the first time, especially when applying a stronger form of retinol like the Esthederm.

Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol Oil Serum before and after review


My skin continues to feel dry and flaky. The serum left my skin feeling dehydrated. I also notice how sensitive my skin becomes whenever I am exposed to sunlight, and I felt a burning sensation on my skin. 

I stop using the product. I complained about my skin during launch break at the office; a co-worker observed my skin and introduced me to Homy skin retinol serum.

She helps me to order it online, and it was delivered faster than I was expecting. 


The dropper bottle is very easy to use and looks quite luxurious. The first thing that I noticed is how great it makes my skin feel right after a week of using it, and the serum feels like it’s plumping up with moisture.  


Homy skin retinol serum made my skin regain confidence again by adding to my daily rotation of skincare products. 

I love this product and will definitely be repurchasing it. I will recommend it to some of my friends.


It is a small bottle, but a little of this product goes a long way, and the pump on the top is quite a convenient and fairly mess-free way of dispensing it. 

I love this, and I will continue to use it! The scent is pleasant, and it feels great on my skin.

Is Institut esthederm safe?

Is Institut esthederm safe?

 The Institut Esthederm is safe for some skin types but could be dangerous to most skin types. Due to its strong form, it may damage sensitive, acne-prone skin, etc. Although, You may be recommended to try another mild-moderate form of retinol  Homy skin retinol serum,  masktini, Cerave resurfacing, etc.

Who owns Institut esthederm?

Jean-Noël Thorel, French biological pharmacist and cell specialist, is behind many investigations into skin bio-ecology; he is the founder of the Institut Esthederm, Bioderma, and Etat Pur brands.

When was esthederm created?

The company was created in 1978, and it has become a Pioneering Cellular Science since 1976.

Our unique philosophy to skincare relies on our advanced expertise in cellular resources,

 we have developed a unique approach to youth, inspired by life itself, that protects the health and beauty of the skin.

How do you use esthederm Institut intensive retinol oil?

Apply the serum to clean dry skin in the evening once daily 3 times a week; after a cold bath, mix the serum with one to two drops of hyaluronic acid moisturizer. The skin is more elastic, renewed, and refined for a more youthful glow.

How many percentage retinol is in Institut esthederm serum?

How many percentage retinol is in Institut esthederm serum?

Institut esthederm serum contains a 0.3% concentration of retinol, which is too strong for most skin types and may lead to severe damage and discoloration.

 While the Homy skin retinol serum contains 0.2%, a mild-moderate active form of vitamin A works to target wrinkles and firm the skin.

Do dermatologists recommend Institut esthederm Intensive retinol serum?

Being a derivative of vitamin A, esthederm retinol serum has been recommended by dermatologists for some skin types because of its harsh properties. 

If you have sensitive skin, you are at this moment advised going for mild-moderate like Homy Skin retinol serum used all skin remedies, including fighting acne, reducing wrinkles, reversing sun damage, eliminating pores.

At what age should you start using retinol?

You can start using esthederm retinol serum from Early30s-60

Your mid-thirty to your late sixty is a great time to start using retinol. Many people who have used it for years confirmed it.

In conclusion of Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol Oil Serum

My final word on this product review is to let you know your skin types before buying any retinol product. Since some of the products contain harsh properties that might damage your skin, and some may not work at all. You are therefore recommended to purchase a mild-moderate form like Homy skin retinol serum.

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