Do IPL hair removal devices actually work, or is it a scam?

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how effective is laser hair removal on skin

I use Homiley IPL hair removal, and the result after 3 months was impressive. I usually shave 3-4 times per week, but since I started using this IPL, I can go a week without shaving.

I can’t wait to see smooth skin after 6 months of use. In my opinion, IPL hair removal is effective, just get the right product, be patient through the treatment process, and the result will come.

Is laser effective on thin hairs?

I will recommend you go for Homiley hair removal cost about $129, or Deess Ipl goes for $400+.

Depending on your budget, you will certainly get the result with the brands above.

Is laser effective on thin hairs?

Laser hair removal works incredibly well on thin hair because it requires a shaved skin to get the job done.

You should be concerned about your skin color because most laser hair removal is not suitable for all skin.

is laser hair removal effective on thin hair

Therefore, using the wrong type of hair removal can cause skin burn and irritations.

If you’re interested in doing your treatment at home, use some of these FDA approved brands.

These one’s works well for all skin type. 

What laser type works best for laser hair removal Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode YAG IPL

What laser type works best for laser hair removal? (Ruby, Alexandrite, Diode, YAG, IPL)

For me, IPL hair removal is my favorite and one of the best methods to remove unwanted hair from the body.

I love using IPL devices because the treatment is close to permanent hair removal; you no longer have to shave often as the treatment gets to the hair’s root and destroys it.

Shaving always is so annoying and painful, especially when you have to do it with a razor.

Many young women pass through pain having to shave every day, and for some of us, two times per day.

Fast forwarding, now is the 7-8 months with my hair removal treatment at home, I can see 70% hair loss. My hair grows significantly thinner now; I can go 2 weeks now without shaving.

Which is the best method of permanent body hair removal?

No doubt, IPL hair removal is one of the best methods to remove hair from the body.

I love this method because you no longer have to shave regularly as the treatment gets to the root of the hair.

What is the best method of hair removal for upper lip, laser or electrolysis? 

What is the best method of hair removal for upper lip, laser or electrolysis? 

I will suggest using IPL laser hair removal. The earlier you starts with the right hair removal method, the better and less stressed it would be to maintain in the future.

IPL hair removal gets to the root of the hair follicle and destroys it. As you use it, at some point, you will become 100% hair-free with no chance of hair ever growing again.
It works for the arms, legs, shin, face, bikini, and legs. The earlier, the better.

Is IPL hair removal devices safe?

Is IPL hair removal devices safe?

All laser hair removal are not made equal. Though, the IPL hair removal I used in the past burnt my skin with skin irritations.

The amazing feature I love about advance IPL Laser hair removal is that it comes with a failsafe mechanism that prevents it from burning your skin due to excessive flash.

Professional laser hair removal may not be a good idea for most people because it cost lots of money.

Little area to full goes upwards of $100 – $3000. So, if you’re on a low budget,  At home laser hair removal is a good option.

Which is best, laser hair removal or sugaring?

Laser hair removal and sugaring are two different treatment entirely and work differently.

If you’re looking for a treatment device that works for the face, bikini, arm, arms, legs, go for an IPL hair removal device.

Since I started using this IPL product, I don’t shave often; I can go for two weeks without shaving. The result is mind-blowing.

When I first started the treatment, I didn’t see results may because I was impatient. I continued, and after 12 sessions, I began to notice I shave less, and my hair grows thinner.

What is the best laser hair removal method?

What is the best laser hair removal method?

There are dozens of brands in the market. I have used many brands, and most of them are horrible. I end up with burnt skin and irritation all over the treated parts of my body.

After my experiences, I stopped until my friend introduced me to a new brand. Currently, I am using two different brands, “Homiley” and “Deess” I can’t say much about these products; the results are mind blowing.

Homiley laser hair removal is amazing, small, and compact. I bought it for $129. This is my 7months of using this device, and my hair grows thinner.

I’m a lady that often shaves 3-5 a week, but now I can go a week without shaving.

Deess hair removal is bigger in size. I bought it because it has three functionalities.

It’s used for acne, blackhead, and hair removal treatment. The price is about $500.

Deess has a power like that of laser treatment at the clinic. I don’t travel with it because of the size, but it one of the best IPL in the market.

You don’t need to spend this much; you may buy the Homiley if you want just something for hair removal only.

Finally, You must be patient through the treatment process. You may not see results in your 1–4 sessions, but trust me it’s working. You will notice massive changes after the 8-12sessions

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Because of the cost of professional laser hair removal, I do my treatment at home using IPl device. It took me 8 – 12 sessions to get my hair greatly reduced. Paying a couple of thousand for laser clinic hair removal is insane.

Good brands can do the job as much as what you will get in the hair removal places.

Do at-home permanent laser hair removal solutions work?

Ipl laser hair removal does work if you purchase a good brand. However, they might be expensive. Some brands include DeesePhilip Lumia, and Homiley are some of the best brands you can see out there.

Are the home laser hair removal devices safe to use and are they effective?

At-home laser hair removal is an alternative to professional treatment. Because of the cost of treatment, many people choose to do It at home.

There are hundreds of brands in the market, some are very efficient, like the ones used in professional hair removal places, but these kinds of devices are so expensive. 

At-home hair removal works, but you need to do the treatment for 8-12th session if you expect to see good results.

I have been using Homiley hair removal, and it’s working for me.

I prefer to pay $150 and patiently do treatment for 12sessions than pay over $1000 for half body treatment in laser clinics.

Not everyone can afford laser treatment in the clinic. People are using At-home hair removal, and it works for them. It’s No-brainer, trying to think of paying $150 for a device that can last over four years.

Many people who say it doesn’t work never gave it a try. Why not get one for yourself and see if it works or not.


Are there steps to stay safe while using home laser hair removal devices?

Protect your eyes from flash: Most laser hair removal comes with a safety Goggle for eye protection. Make sure you put on the safety Goggle to prevent the ray from reaching your eyes.

Don’t use it every day: It is important to do your treatment in moderation, don’t overdo it. Treatment should be done once every week.

Shave before treatment: To prevent tangling of your hair with a laser hair removal beam, make sure you shave before laser treatment. You can do it with a safety razor blade.

Buy Original brands: Do not go cheap and end up with burnt skin due to inferior hair removal. If you are on a budget, I will recommend buying Homiley IPL hair removal.

This brand is affordable and works amazing

Homiley IPL is FDA approved and certified for home use.

However, there are other good brands out there, but this is what I have been using for seven months and happy with it.

What is the best in home laser hair removal device for men?

If you’re looking for the best laser hair removal for men, you should try some of these brands.

Men have thicker hair and will require better and advance hair removal to do the job effectively.

If you have thicker hair than average, use Deess hair removal ($400+)

Another alternative is Philips Lumea; it worked for my husband, though it says for women.

Side effects of laser hair removal

Side effects of laser hair removal

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Redness of skin
  • Severe pain ( can last for days)

One of the major side effects of laser hair removal is Hyperpigmentation. It’s mostly caused by many factors such as laser hair removal treatment done professionally at Clinics/spa.

While you might be thrilled to see beautiful silky skin after treatment, this horrible dark shadow does occur, ruining your skin and makes you feel insecure among your peers.

Instead of going for Laser hair removal, use At Home IPL device. You can avoid this mind boggling problem by doing your treatment using a friendly At home IPL hair removal device.

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