Kenzzi IPL Review | My $179 Hair removal Burned Me

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kenzzi ipl reviews

Are you looking to buy kenzzi hair removal or want to check around for kenzzi ipl review before making a purchase? This article will point you in the right direction to make a smart decision whether to buy the device or not.

Hey guys, my name is millyann Arellano, so today, I will be reviewing Kenzi laser hair removal. Today is going to be my fourth treatment of

using this advice and just to let you know I am NOT being sponsored by this company, and they are not paying me.

This is something that I had purchased on my own I’ll go ahead and show you all my receipt right here (watch the video) so that you can see that I did buy this, and I used a $50 discount on their website.

Watch Video  – Kezzi IPL Review by Millyann

Kenzzi Price review

When it comes to price, Kenzzi sells for $229, and with a discount code of $50, you will get it for $179. This price may look attractive to most people compared to the actual cost of laser hair removal in the clinics.

However, most online spenders will be comfortable paying this much without scouting around for cheaper brands. To sum it up, the price is excellent if it lives up to its promise, which isn’t true for me

Life Span – How long does it last?

Kenzzi laser removal comes with 400,000 flashes, which equals to 5 years of lifespan. To see a typical result, you may use it for more than 12 sessions.

Why have I bought Kenzzi hair removal?

I bought this handset because I wanted something cheaper versus going to get it professionally done at a ridiculously expensive clinic.
I started using the product, immediately I got, and on my third treatment last week, it burned my arm.

I had shaved my arm that same day, so I waited like about 20 minutes to use the laser, but the result went terrible for me.

What you dislike about Kenzzi hair removal?

I don’t like this product because my device is getting hotter as I’m using it. I don’t know if it’s a defect or not.

Site note: This type of ipl isn’t designed to work for all skin color. It’s suitable for light and dark compression.

Is kenzzi Safe or FDA approved?

Kenzzi hair removal isn’t approved or cleared by FDA. You may check online for a list of FDA-approved laser hair removal before making a purchase. As you can see, my overall experience wasn’t good, so I don’t recommend it.

Which area of the body does it work?

The device applies to both men and women. It works for any part of the body, including face, arm, underarm, bikini line, and legs.

I have used and tested the kenzzi on a different part of my body as you see from the vide, it left me with red marks and burns all over my legs and arm.


Conclusion Kenzzi IPl review

If you are looking for laser hair removal that works, try the FDA approved products. Most of them cost way too much but really worth it.

Here are a few FDA approved products. Try them out; you wouldn’t regret it

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