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lux skin hair removal

Are you looking to buy lux skin hair removal or want to check around for reviews before making a purchase? This article will guide you and help you make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Overview of Lux Skin co IPL Reviews

Our reviews will cover an important aspect that is very much concerned with customers. Does lux skin ipl burns skin? Is the lux skin website legit? The price, lifespan, skin compatibility, safety, application, and other things you need to know.

Is Lux Skin hair removal Legit

Based on my personal experience with Lux skin, the company is legit. The product looks luxy and beautiful but may not be suitable for all skin. My friends and I got this product at a premium price when the price was over $100. 

We use it for up to 12 sessions, and these are the results we found. I will share more light about this in the later section of the article. Before we go more in-depth about the device, let’s look at the price.

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Lux skin IPL price review

Is it worth paying $59 for this piece of item? It all depends if it works for you or not. I don’t mind paying $100 or $200 for a suitable IPL that promises to remove hair than paying $5 for knock-off brands.

Lux skin hair removal is affordable for those on a low budget and one of the cheapest IPL you will find in the market because they are made and imported from China.

Does lux skin burn skin?


Does lux skin ipl burn skin?Unlike a few advanced laser hair removal like Homiley laser hair removal with safety mechanism prevents your skin from getting burnt.

 Lux skin doesn’t have such a mechanism that may lead to skin burn for some skin type not compatible with the IPL.

To prevent such occurrences from happening or instead of making some guesswork on your beautiful skin, rather save up some cash and buy the advanced IPL, FDA approved that will give you peace of mind. (Just a suggestion)


Lux skin co Life Span

LuxSkin co hair removal generally has a longer lifespan than most expensive brands. It comes with 400,000 flashes meaning it can last up to 8 years (insane)

This is the reason I love At-home IPl products because you spend the money once and use longer. All these promises may look attractive, but it’s all garbage if the item isn’t suitable for your skin. 

Skin Compatibility

We discovered this product isn’t suitable for skin colors like very white, light brown, brown, and dark skin.

It may cause a burn, patches, or discoloration when used on these types of skin tone. Some reviews I found online where people agonize the product don’t work for their light skin, but I’m not sure of that. Do your research before buying. safety

Lux Skin IPL FDA approved? I’m not sure because it’s manufactured and imported from China. 

However, the company claims that laser hair removal is clinically tested and safe and leaves no red mark on the skin.

I’m not sure about this claim, but I know it doesn’t come with a failsafe preventive sensor.

Who is Lux skin hair removal meant for?

Luxskin hair removal can apply to women and men and works for face, arm, legs, bikini lines, underarm, and other body areas where unwanted hair grows. 

Final Thought

The result we got was a bit different, lux skin worked a little bit for my skin, but my friend had horrible effects. Her leg got burnt after three sessions. 

The first time she attempted it, it got stung on her hair. It happened twice and eventually had some bruises all her legs were she applied it. 

If lux skin ipl had an inbuilt failsafe mechanism, she wouldn’t have had such burns all over her legs. I will advise buying laser hair removal approved by FDA and safety function that prevents the handset from hurting your skin.

Here are a few FDA approved products. Try them out; you wouldn’t regret it

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