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Masktini Night Ranger retinol serum review

Here is my masktini night ranger retinol serum review. I am an extremely busy working mom and devoting very long hours each day to my career and kids, and it is not an easy task. 

This stress got me looking old and wane.


At a time, I can’t go out without applying makeup on my face because my face really look stressed, and it develops premature wrinkles in my 28years.  

I was going through my Facebook news feed, and I found this masktini night ranger retinol serum advertisement. 

I proceeded to click on the product page, and I saw different positive reviews about the product and then purchased the serum. 

This is over 4months of using the product now; sadly speaking, no improvement. The wrinkle is obvious. My money, time is wasted. I have to discard the product and continue with my usual makeup.

Masktini Night Ranger retinol serum before and after

Masktini Night Ranger retinol serum before and after

I want to share with you how I got my youthful skin back.

A colleague visited me at the house. 

The first thing she asks was the type of serum I was using; at that moment, I felt embarrassed because It occurs to me that she has noticed the wrinkles on my face, being that I am not putting makeup at home.


I quickly narrate my story to her, and she introduces Homy skin retinol serum to me.

She further emphasizes the serum’s benefits and how her dermatologist prescribed it to her when facing similar skin challenges. But now, she feels confident with her skin radiating.

The Homy skin retinol serum has gradually transformed my skin for just a few weeks of usage. It gives me a surprising boost of joy.


I had given up the idea of ever enjoying a skincare routine due to my previous experience with masktini products.  

Homy skin retinol serum has reawakened the thirst to build a skincare regimen again. I felt so good now my wrinkles and fine lines are gone. 

How many retinol percentages are in masktini night ranger cream?

The masktini night ranger cream contains 0.1% retinol properties.

This makes the product less effective for most skin types

But you can try Homy skin retinol serum; it is suitable for all skin types. The product is derived from organic retinoid ingredients, and it contains 0.2%, making it a mild-moderate retinol product.

Does Masktini Night Ranger retinol cream make my skin worse?

The product can make the skin worse despite its less potent form.

Depending on the nature of your skin, things can get worse if you use the product on acne-prone or sensitive skin. You might get acne breakout and itching. 

How often should I apply the masktini retinol cream?

If you have a normal or dry skin type, you are recommended to use the product frequently to get a desirable result. 

You can apply the product twice a day, morning and night 5time a week, in conjunction with hyaluronic acid serum and sunscreen SPF 30 to protect the skin against sun damage.

Masktini Night Ranger Overnight Renewal Mask – The Beauty Box

Do you put masktini on before or after moisturizer?

The masktini night ranger cream should be applied before a moisturizer.


  • Wash the face and when completely dry.
  • Apply a pea-size amount of retinol cream. 
  • Finish it up with a Hyaluronic acid moisturizer to hydrate the skin and reduce the risk of irritation.

What can you not mix with Masktini retinol cream?

The masktini night ranger cream should not be combined with vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide, and AHA/BHA acids. 

AHA and BHA acids are exfoliating, which can dry out the skin and cause further irritation if your skincare routine already includes retinol. As for benzoyl peroxide and retinol, they render each other powerless.

Conclusion on Masktini night ranger retinol cream

However, all Retinol products have skincare benefits. Some may be less potent in the long run, some are mild-moderate, and some are too harsh for the skin. 

Therefore, you are recommended to use a mild-moderate form of retinol like the Homy skin retinol serum since it suits all skin types. 

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