No! No! Laser hair removal Review – Does it work? 100% Make Over

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no!no! Pain Free Visible Body Hair Removal System for Women Ladies Legs Bikini Line Armpits and Facial Hair Remover Reduces Long Term Hair Growth 7 Intensity Levels (1)

Stop! Don’t buy into scam, read first! We received a lot of review requests for no!no! Laser hair removal, the acclaimed sexy, smooth hair removal with no pain (official nono).Many people have seen the widely advertised commercial and want to know if nono hair removal does work, easy to use, suitable for different skin color, battery life, etc.

NoNo official

no! no! hair removal – Not Working for me?

We found a lot of people aggressively leaving reviews; the product isn’t working. So we wanted to know why the reviews were horrible and why it doesn’t work. We learned no no isn’t suitable for all skin color as advertised on the website (official nono)

The truth is that most laser hair removal isn’t designed to work for all skin; however, they should let the customer know what they are buying instead of blatantly lying to make a sale.

I bought this piece of item from Argos and Argos won't refund money. Nono hair removal is useless. Few friends have tried it, and it just doesn't work a pathetic piece of equipment. They charge far too much for an item that it's hit and miss if you can get it to work.
No No customer review

Problem with nono hair removal – your hair grows back thicker

Another major problem with nono hair removal is your hair grows back thicker. Hair removal should be meant to reduce hair regrowth, and not the other way round.

Aside from this problem, the product doesn’t seem to work for people with thicker hair. You may want to buy Homiley hair removal as it works for both thin and thick hair.

Problem with NoNo hair removal – Hairs grows back thicker

I have been using this product for a year and a half, and it hasn't worked at all total waste of time and money. My hairs came back a little finer but not also didn't work on the other areas I have gone back to plucking and shaving. People don't waste your money.
No No customer review
Sucks! Stinks because it is burning your hair off, smells like your branding cattle! And the hair grows back thicker and weirder no matter how often you do it! NOT worth the money!
Mickie M.
No No customer review

no no hair removal price

no! no! Sells two main product lines no!no! Micro($129) and no!no! Pro($249). 

The nono hair removal is too pricy when compared to other professional brands like Homiley silky Skin (for women), Deess, and Philip Lumia.

These brands work very well and are suitable for face, legs, arm, underarm, belly, bikini, and other body parts.

no no Pro Review

  • no no Pro compact IPL comes with, 1 Large Buffer + 1 Wide Tip + 1 Narrow Tip, Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Storage Case, and Charger,  

no no micro review

  • no no MICRO Device comes with 1 Large Buffer + 1 Narrow Tip Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Charger, Storage Case

nono laser hair removal works mainly for face and may not be suitable for other body parts.

If you are looking for hair removal that will do your whole body treatment, consider buying a different brand, Homiley ($129) or Deess (499) will be excellent.

nono hair removal price

Other problem – how to use no! no!

nono may not be as extremely bad as reviewed by most people if used as directed.

In some cases, most people are not using correctly; I recommend reading the instructions booklet before using it. However, if the product isn’t suitable for your skin, it will not work.

Conclusion – no no official website

To round it up, no no laser hair removal has some extremely negative reviews, and while some people say it worked for them. For me, I wouldn’t want to do any guesswork for my hard-earned money.

I will instead spend more for something that works than do some trial and error. If you got enough budgets, go for 3-in1 Deess IPL works for any gender, if you got limited budget go for Homiley IPL (designed for women)

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2 Responses

  1. I purchased mine at drug Mart. Bunt hair smell everywhere! Doesn’t work at all. Even on small areas with fine hair No!No! Doesn’t even make a difference which is weird because the smell of burnt hair gets really bad.

  2. Yes, it reeks like burnt hair when you use it. I can get over that. A lot of people said that they got burned. If you do not move the device quickly enough, it DOES burn you. Too quickly and it does nothing. I used it faithfully until the tip no longer worked. When I called to return it and get my money back, they rep gave me every excuse in the book as to why I should keep it, try it at different angles and blah, blah, blah, blah. They gave me a huge discount but “locked me into the purchase”, meaning I can no longer return it for my money back. The thing doesn’t work. I tried it on my arms, legs, and bikini line and it just doesn’t work. The whole point of the product is to basically stunt hair re-growth. It does not do that. Not only that, but using as directed, the tip was “discharged” after only a few weeks. Unless you’re 3′ tall, I beg you to SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

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