My Rose Skin co Review– My results after $145 purchase

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My honest Rose skin co review – I got lots of hair, which made me feel insecure, and the laser hair removal clinic was getting too expensive. So, Six months ago, I was looking around the web for good at-home hair removal on Amazon.

After reading tons of reviews online, I bought Rose skin co. I had used the handset for literally 2months, and the results I got wasn’t as expected.

Rose skin co IPL laser review

I’m 31, red skin with lots of hair. I do laser hair removal twice every month, which is pretty annoying, especially when you have to spend so much money to get a little portion of your body lasered.

I’m not too fond of shaving because of the bumps and irritations that come along with it. Also, razor shaving makes the hair grow faster than expected.

So, I am looking for something handy I can do from my home’s comfort and save money instead of throwing money at laser places.

My experience with Rose Skin Hair removal?

I have a mixed feeling about the product. I bought the first handset that worked for about 50 flashes; I returned it for a new replacement. I used the new replacement for two sessions, and it did the same thing. 

It was a complete turn off as I don’t know if it worked or not. I sent an email to Rose skin hair removal, no response despite stating they would reply within 48hrs.

Does Rose skin co works?

It hasn’t worked for me. I was devastated and upset about the whole thing and since then never touched or used it again. I also noticed the IPL was made and shipped from china. 

Is Roseskinco legit, good, FDA approved?

The RoseSkin laser hair removal hasn’t been cleared or approved by the FDA. I bought the handset for $145, and nothing was written in the manual if it is FDA cleared. I checked some list of certified IPl online, and Rose skin co isn’t included.

What has been working for me now


I’m glad I found a different brand (Homiley hair removal); I’ve not been sponsored to review them. I received the product as a gift. This product changed my life. I didn’t know about this brand and haven’t seen any reviews on Youtube.


I saw result within my 3-5ths session, the hair on my chin and legs came slowly and thinner, I can barely notice the growth. Finally, I was pleased to see something that worked. I continue for up to 12 sessions, as you can see from the before and after image; there is no hair. 

homiley laser hair before and after

Conclusion with laser Roseskin review


Please do not believe the sponsored videos on Youtube; they will never tell you the truth about the device or real result because they are paid for the review. 


If you are looking for hair removal that is small and handy, something you can use anywhere, try Homiley hair removal. I can’t say much about this company but truly have changed my life. 


Other well-known brands made in the USA like Philips Lumea, Remington ilight are expensive but work very well. Homiley is designed for women, and the price is affordable when compared to the above brands. I recommend them 100%

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