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smooth skin hair removal

Smoothskin hair removal has become quite popular; If you’re considering buying it, there are many things that you should know and consider before hitting the buy button.

Some of these include skin type compatibility, the time it takes for treatment, and other tips to help you make a good buying decision.

SmoothSkin hair removal review


Does it work for dark skin? Dark-skinned individuals are also typically not suited for this technology, as these individuals are more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. 

So if you have dark skin, don’t even think about getting treatment with this device. Consider Homiley IPL, which works very well for dark and brown color skin.

homiley silky skin laser hair removal

What part of the body can I use smooth skin laser?


Smooth skin hair removal doesn’t work for all skin types and may not apply to all body parts. The smooth skin bare plus is proven to work for the face, legs, arm, and bikini. 

One thing to keep in mind is that each individual is different, with a wide range of different skin types and hair growth cycles. 

The laser treatment area on your body will also vary from person to person. There are several different areas on your body that might respond to IPL hair removal. 

You may find that yours responds well to the treatment area on your leg, while another part of your body proves resistant. 

LifeSpan and Speed of treatment for SmoothSkin bare plus

The smooth skin bare model has a shorter lifespan than other IPL handsets because of the flash speed, which will likely break after months of usage. However, it does treatment faster than most hair removal.


Some IPl laser hair removal works for all skin color while some do not. If you plan to buy smoothskin hair removal and you’re dark/brown, I will recommend you consider a brand like Homiley.

Not only does it work for dark skin color, but it also works exceptionally well on a light body. Homiley hair removal is specially built for women’s use.

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Homiley ipl hair removal works for dark skin


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