# i-Blend Jet One Portable blender

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# i-Blend Jet One Portable blender

Blendjet reviewsi-BlendJet Portable blender will make your daily smoothie easier, perfect for a single serving. 

So, next time you want a quick, nutritious breakfast, i-Blend Jet one is the way to go. 

With i-BlendJet, you will be able to take it anywhere and blend anything.

i-Blend jet reviews – What other Customers are saying?

“I love it. I make chocolate and covered strawberry smoothie with my blender. The blender is very easy to operate and easy to clean. I will buy again” Reacheal Smith, i-blend jet review

“Fast shipping even with the pandemic and received. The product is wonderful and works just fine. I use it daily, and it saves me much time and mess. Morgan Emilly, i-blend jet review

When I first set my eyes on the i-Blend Jet, I didn’t know it will work very well. I’ve just received a few days ago and just tried two of the JetPack flavors, Banana Blueberry, and Raspberry Dragon Fruit. If you are wondering if you should get the i-Blend Jet, don’t hesitate further. It looks so sweet, super easy to use, and super compact. I recommend it to everybody of all ages!!  Jenny, i-blend jet review

Silent, Quality & Cheap i-BlendJet OneSilent, Quality & Cheap i- Blend Jet One

When it comes to a quality standard, this is the most affordable and high-quality blender you can find the market.

It’s super strong and silent when blending. Blend your smoothie anywhere with worrying waking up or disturbing people around you.

i-Blend jet portable blender for shakes and smoothie is thoughtfully designed to make life easier.

The blender is made to deliver the best result for every need. Whether you are preparing meals, beverages for yourself or, your family, we got you covered

i-blend Jet recipes & Smoothie Pack

After blending your smoothie, take the jar off the base, and you are good to hit the road.

It’s made of soft on-the-go sipping and fits that can fit your sports bag and most car holders.

The blender is easy to use and clean. It comes with a smart protection device and magnetic sensing switch safe to use. The good thing about i-blend jet portable blender is that you can use it will make a great small appliance for your kitchen.

i-BlendJet Carry on Featuresi-BlendJet Carry on Features

  • Safe for use: i-Blend jet personal blender is great for working out, home use, office, and travel. It’s portable and 100 BPA free.
  • Smooth I-Blend Jet Recipes: The portable blender makes a great smoothie, salad dressing, shakes, marinades, baby formula, and more.
  • Quality material: Made with Japanese stainless steel, easy ice, and fruit crushing for a smooth result. Highly efficient rotating motor, fast performance, reliable, and strong.

i- Blenjet Portable Blenderi-Blen jet Portable Blender

Bring your smoothie or shake anywhere anytime

If smoothies and protein shakes are part of your daily diet, life just got a little easier. With i-Blend jet Blender, it makes the preparation lot easier and faster. Makes great smoothies and icy drinks

  • Makes Fruit and Ice-crushing smooth
  • Easy Blend & Quick drink from the jar
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compact size can fit into your bag and small space.
  • Fast and easy in one-touch blending
  • BPA free in food zones

i-Blendjet instructions - How to make juice with this Smoothies Blender?Take It Wherever You Go

Are you tired lugging around with cups? This portable Blender provides you ultimate drink versatility and portability.

It serves both stationary and a detachable travel mug with a lid that lets you drink straight from the jar.

It’s perfect for traveling with you to work, sporting events, games or and it’s ideal for small living spaces.

Convenient, Healthy Options blend jet oneOne-Touch Blending

  No more time-wasting! No more waiting after blend before you zoom off, Save time, relax, and blend as you go.

Blend your smoothie in the car, office or while doing some road work (workout)

With an On/Pulse button, the portable Blender allows you to make a smooth and tasty drink anytime, no matter which fruits you choose to use.

fresh portable juice blenderConvenient, Healthy Options

With the Gazillions of smoothie and drink in our modern world, selecting the ideal blend of ingredient, nutrition, and flavor for the perfect-size drink can be tasking. 

Now, you can stop looking and say goodbye to paying too much for smoothies.

This portable Blender delivers the satisfaction of healthy living at no-frills prices. You now have the freedom and flexibility to mix up more ingredients, blend more in less time.

i-Blend Jet instructions – How to make juice with this Smoothies Blender?


Follow i-blend Jet instructions carefully to make a delicious smoothie following these simple steps below.

Step 1. Make sure the blender is fully charged ~3 hours first before using it. A minimum of 1hour is required. Please note, the blender cannot work when charging. It can charge with power bank, computer USB, and adapter.

Step 2. Carefully cut your fruits, smoothie, or ingredients into small chunks.

Step 3. Add some liquid like milk, shakes, water.

Step 4. Reverse the blender and Switch on the blender. Alternate the position of blender at 45 or 180 degrees while blending and shake the blender up and down. Depending on the hardness of the food, you can adjust the shaking speed accordingly.

Step 5. Pour out the juice, enjoy your time.

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