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The Volta Charger is a magnetic charging cable that is well built to last 10X longer than normal cable. It’s very reliable, durable, anti-scratch, and anti-stretch. 

No more carrying of multiple chargers. This is the only long-lasting and unbreakable magnetic charger you will ever use. 

In theory, this 3 in 1 Volta charging cable will last you more than your average USB phone charger.

Volta Charger Reviews

The magnetic charging cable has three options that make it suitable for charging Android phones and iPhones at a faster rate.  

The cable has Type-C or Micro USB connector for Android phones and other devices. The Volta magnetic charger is also compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad. 

The USB cable comes with a single charging system that works for USB-C devices.

The Unbreakable Magnetic charging Cable

volta charger review - magnetic charging cableThe Type-C magnetic charge cable has an inbuilt magnetic connector like the MagSafe apple connector that makes it suitable for charging most devices. 

The design of the Volta charger is made to charge your phones at lightning speed. The charging cable support data transfer, USB 2.0, and fast charging.

You can charge your phone in any direction. The magnetic plug clings to your mobile USB quickly and easy to remove. The magnetic connector prevents the charging point from accumulating dust. It can be used as an anti-dust protector when not charging.

On the power front, it is well designed on high power capacity; the charging capacity is 9volts and 2.4amp for the fast charging of any device. 

It’s built to last the lifetime of any mobile phone. You will only buy once and never have to buy again for a long period.

INIU-2M-Fast-Magnetic-Cable-Micro-USB-Type-C-Charger-Charging-For-iPhone-XS-X-XR (1)Our magnetic charger cable has a light indicator for night vision that lets you know where your cable is while at night.

The magnetic USB cable charger is built with an intelligent chip that monitors and protects your device from overcharging.

  • Type: Unbreakable Magnetic Charger.  
  • Version: Volta XL Charger. 
  • Length: 6.5 ft

  •  Color: Silver
  •  Display: LED Indicator will be on when charging. 
  • Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC.

The award-winning Volta charger gives you allowance to hold your phone at your comfort. Ability to Hold and play freely with your phone while charging

The charger also supports powering up other devices such as your Amazon Kindle, MP3 player, PS4, XBOX, Bluetooth Speaker, and Digital Camera.

You will get a USB Charging Cable, Micro USB Magnetic Plug and Lightning Magnetic Plug in your package.

Tips for Safe Use

 1. Make sure you comply with safety rules.

 2. Do not drop inside the water

 3. Do Not use for absorbing other metals

4. Clean it up with a dry cotton swab.

5. Unplug the charger from the source after use.

 Precaution of using the Volta Charger

1. Do not remove the magnetic cable frequently else, it might get lost.

2. Keep fresh and clean always. Wipeout dirt and keep in a cool place after use.

3. Gently disconnect the cable to maintain the long life of the cable.

How to use the Magnetic Charging Cable

Unbreakable Magnetic charging Cable

 1. Insert the magnetic 2-pin head and keep it upwards. The LED indicator should face up when connected.

 2. Don’t worry if it indicates “nonsupport” notice, it wouldn’t affect normal use.

 3. You have the option to switch the lightning magnetic plug and Micromagnetic USB plug on the same cable for different devices.

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